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Saturday, February 14, 2009

$$ Deposit for Valentine's Day!


“The game of life is rigged in your favor.”

Iyanla Vanzant

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

February 14, 2009

Deposit into YOUR account: $123,000 - One hundred twenty three thousand dollars

From his book Creative Transformation, John David Garcia admonishes us in his scholarly way, to remember that we may CHOOSE to play or not to play by the “Rules of the Game of Life” since this is the ultimate freedom we have…

(Creativity is defined here as the ability to organize the total environment—physical, biological and psychosocial—into new patterns which increase truth for at least one person, while not decreasing truth for any person.)

The RULES are:

1. Each player must assume that he or she always has free will and is totally responsible for all of his or her acts and whatever happens to him or her.

2. Each player must do his or her best to make those choices and take those actions which will maximize creativity within the universe and to ignore all other considerations.

3. Each player must start the maximization of creativity with himself or herself.

4. Each player must eventually begin to think less about himself or herself and to seek to help maximize the creativity of others—this will in fact maximize his or her own creativity.

5. Each player must always remain open to the possibility that there are always an infinite number of alternatives by which he or she could have increased creativity more and that the universe may be structured very differently than he or she perceives it.

6. Each player should expect no other reward from playing the Game of Life than to have increased the creativity of others who play the Game of Life; this is what we win.

7. Everyone who plays the Game of Life wins.

8. Everyone who refuses to play the Game of Life loses.

Mr. Garcia further states that human progress is engendered entirely by persons who play the Game, although some play it better than others. Our proficiency depends not so much on our intelligence as on our ability to overcome our natural desire for happiness and replace it by our just-as-natural desire for creativity, which in fact maximizes our happiness. He adds that our refusing to give up our pursuit of happiness is what makes us unhappy! We ultimately achieve happiness by NOT pursuing it. AND we win the Game of Life by playing it as best we can, NOT by being perfect at it. Only total refusal to play the Game can defeat us!

SO, my fellow g’zillionaires, we ARE on the right track in life just by receiving our deposits and keeping our consciousness ALIVE!! CONGRATULATIONS!


I joyfully & freely choose to maximize the creativity of others.

I WIN just by choosing to play!

I play the GAME OF LIFE full out--spending, spending, spending!!!

LET’S HAVE FUN PLAYING THE GAME—spending ALL of our $123,000!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

$$ Deposit for Today!


Wealth [our true nature] is moral--the only sin [falling short of the divine law] is limitation.” Emerson

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

February 8, 2009

Deposit into YOUR account: $122,000 - One hundred twenty two thousand dollars

The ideas here are both quoted and paraphrased today from John Randolph Price’s Angel Energy book, “How to Harness the Power of Angels in Your Everyday Life”.

Unlimited abundance is a natural part of life on the third-dimensional plane (even though sometimes it may not feel or look that way, right?).

The lavish wealth of the universe is within us, ready to flow out into visibility through our conscious awareness of its instant availability! Whenever we experience a shortage of money, it means that we are registering a sense of wanta feeling of incompletion—rather than a realization of have.

We have been given everything, and the kingdom within is bulging with awesome abundance, yet at times we see scarcity, which is a direct denial of our true nature—or “sin” as the quote above indicates! (and who wants to sin, right?)!

While this is pointing out the possible problem and we don’t want to dwell on the problem, for now let’s be aware of this ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ if it applies and change it immediately, acknowledging that we are that very principle in action! Instead let’s be conscious of money as a spiritual idea, knowing that our ideas create our realities…

Suggested Affirmations:

I now replace my ‘if only I had…’ thinking with DEMANDS for what will happen!

My spiritual ideas create my reality.

I use NO ‘stinkin’ thinkin’.

Let’s ENJOY ALL of our $121,000!

Money is a spiritual idea!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

$$ Deposit for today!


“Money is an effect of our closely-held beliefs, not the cause of our experiences.” Kathianne Lewis

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

February 2, 2009

Deposit into YOUR account: $121,000 - One Hundred Twenty-one Thousand Dollars

While I don’t like being told what to do, here’s a

A COMMANDMENT to inspire us:

We MUST, by law, be successful—NOW—not in the future. Meaning that particular lines of force related specifically to us are already in operation on the third-dimensional plane.

As part of the Divine Design, the success pattern for us as an individual has already been created. It’s filled with opportunities for grand success and awaits only our understanding of the Law—KNOWING this… Being successful means we’re here on the physical plane to make this a better world through the creative activity of service—of accomplishment and achievement.

If we don’t, we move into that state called ‘creeping inertia’—without inspiration or zest for life. That’s against the law! When we break the laws through our use of free will, we are arrested (seized in consciousness), and through the self-pronouncement of guilt, go through a punishment stage appropriate for the offense.

But now we’re going to walk the path rightly, take control of our lives, and live as the Masters of our Destiny—just by KNOWING

Suggested Affirmations:

I KNOW I am successful NOW!

I allow law to work FOR me.

I am in control of my own life.

Let’s spend ALL of our $121,000

KNOWING it is the pattern for success!