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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Jack on GROOMING DAY!

Yesterday was grooming day again! Now, last time Day was here Mom had her ask me what I wanted her to do about my being groomed by Carla. I told them in no uncertain terms I really don’t like it; that I’d prefer they let hair, nails and all just grow. That I have more serious problems to think about than long hair or even long toenails. Well, neither of them thought that was a good idea, so I thought about it and responded as males will, “Awww, just let ‘em do whatever they want!”
Carla had also been thinking about a solution to my wobbly legs not holding me up when she is grooming which makes the rest of my body flop around on the table and gives me a headache from banging it around—no wonder I don’t like it, eh?! Together she and Mom came up with a solution.
Mom held me in her arms while Carla worked on me. The decided I didn’t need to be done perfectly, just maintained for my health and comfort so it was a shorter session, too. I still didn’t like it but I sure didn’t bump my poor head once! Maybe I can tolerate it this way the rest of the times I have left.
When we got home I forgot all about it again and snoozed…

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BLACK JACK reports!

Day visited me again yesterday and sent me her soothing, loving energy. I really love that and today she was allowed to actually surround me with the most beautiful, peaceful pure love white light--what bliss that was! Usually she has just been able to describe it for me, but I sure hope she is allowed to share it with me lots more now. It feels so comforting that maybe I'll decide to stay there one of these days. It feels as if it is unconditional love coming from spirits just waiting to enfold me. Might not be a bad place to be... Otherwise I'm gonna just let my poor body give out because this side doesn't seem too bad, either--I'm still in no pain and rest comfortably most of the time. We had a brief discussion about how Mom and I share some of the same qualities… There's a part of me that knows Mom has a hard time with it sometimes, but it's really "no nevermind" to me (since we animals don't suffer from guilt and other useless human emotions)--and a small matter in the bigger scheme of things. Besides, all is in the right and perfect order just as it is. My mind sure is getting dimmer and dimmer, too. Lots of the time I sense my guides nearby so I never feel alone, but I think they are not bothering me too much because they know I'm so determined to stay at this time, so when it's time for me to go, their impact will be more meaningful to me. I kept showing Day a white dog with a tri-colored calico face, about the same size and look that I used to be. To Mom and Robyn it's a mystery as to 'anyone' in our past who could match that description. I know, though, it's a new playmate waiting for me on the other side. One day I'll go romp and play with her...maybe even "go make babies" (since I was such a 'stud' when I still had my manhood)!! Day says Katie is going to share one of her angels with me when I cross over, too, so she told Mom I'd have three angels instead of just two like she had. How beautiful it all is...that white/silver/gold shimmering light of the angels.

Friday, July 9, 2010

More inspiration from Black Jack!

Wow! Kat just shared some real compliments for me with Mom! Earlier she had told Mom I’m hanging in there because I enjoy being a sort of inspiration to her and that she’ll have to decide how I do that.
Mom responded, “I've known for a long time that he has been the root of MANY of my creative activities. So maybe there is something more I'm to be doing... I'll tell you one thing he has a HUGE following in Facebook/blogs/emails--and I believe he has been an inspiration to many, not just me. I just hope he knows that even when he's gone the 'work' he helped me begin won't end!”
Kat admitted “they’re all inspirations to us in some way, I think. But definitely Black Jack helps you with the creative aspect – he shows me him being like a party planner, coordinating the details of what’s to come, whatever “event” is happening next (whether that’s you doing an etching, or a drawing, or planting a flower, or whatever). It is really hard to describe this, because it’s very multi-layered/nuanced, but he in some manner holds and/or works with energy around you so that you are feeling your best creative self when you start the project, whatever it is. He is just so much bigger than his little body, but he is very subtle and quiet about it.
I have not doubt he’s got a HUGE following, he’s simply an inspiration (perhaps at least partly because he IS so much bigger than his frail/declining body) and absolutely ADORABLE.”
Boy do I love being called ADORABLE because sometimes I don’t think Mom can always see that as she cleans up after my failing body. I’m so GLAD the “partying” will continue!!