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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/29/09 Mom got her walk this morning but I couldn't figure out what to do outside so she tried to feed me. Her very busy morning, sorry to say was made busier when I spilled a whole bowl of my soupy food and then walked in it. I had to have a 'foot bath' which I didn't like very much. Sure do wish I could see well enough to avoid these kinds of accidents--for both our sakes. Whatever Mom did next took her away for about 4 HOURS. I'm proud to report I didn't pee the whole time and she cuddled me as a reward--along with a cookie, of course.
I'll be darned if she didn't leave again in the afternoon, but this time not for so long. Both times I was up when she got back, but not crying like I usually do.
I seem to want to be awake more than usual lately. Of course this makes Mom feel like I should be doing something besides wandering around wondering where I am. I wish I could convince her that there really isn't much she can do for me when I've eaten, had my water, done my bathroom duties and don't want to sleep. It's not like she can play with me or give me any toy or trick that will entertain me and I certainly couldn't consume more cookies than she already gives me. It simply has to be okay the way it is.
It's harder to accept the lack of sleep Mom gets sometimes, though... Seems she can't take the naps I do during the day to make up for my restless nights. Sometimes I marvel at how she keep herself so healthy and alert when she misses so much sleep.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday with Mom!

9/28/09 Posting a bit late today because Mom had a very busy morning. Okay, so after a late night and early morning we slept in today. Didn't know it, but good thing I rested up for the dreaded grooming day. Poor Carla thinks I'm always trying to bite her and really just warning, but I do understand because she knows dogs so well. I have lost so much of my control over my life that when I lose my footing it just about drives me over the edge. Mom always is there which is very comforting and makes it better even if her responsibility is to make sure with a towel my 'green teeth' (as Carla describes them) don't make contact with anyone. I must admit I really do feel better afterward. If only I could let go of wanting control like that I could relax and this wouldn't be such a trauma for everyone.
I could tell Mom didn't feel up to par today--maybe partly because of my keeping her up so late. So I felt sorta bad when right away I got food on my head and along my the side of my new haircut so she had to wash me off so it wouldn't dry and be hard like on my mouthg.
Therefore it was wonderful to see her get a really great massage from one of my very favorite people, Day. Then of course Day always talks to me and does energy work on me. She really likes me. I told Day to tell Mom that I'm still not ready to leave and that I'd let her know so she could make sure Mom will be okay.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/26/09 After relieving myself around 5 a.m. I went back to bed. I know Mom was thinking she should get me up so my life won't be so boring. It seems sad to her, being a human, that all I do is sleep, eat, take care of bodily functions and sleep again--with my walk and treats my only excitement. I appreciate that all my life she has tried to figure out 'jobs' and activities for me to do (the tricks and responsibilities mentioned earlier). Now I need for her to realize I love my life just exactly the way it is and that she needs to take care of herself by not worrying about me quite so much. We dogs spend our time so solidly in the 'now' that all else falls away.
This afternoon I felt more active than usual so Mom got to be okay with my sitting around instead of sleeping so much. She kept giving me little treats--my only joy (other than walking which we couldn't do today because it got late and so too hot).
Then another accident! I know Mom is aware that I've spent my entire life trying to be 'good' so as to make everyone around me happy. I as sure of this because she pretty much lived the early part of her life the same way. She seems to be overcoming it little by little, however. So while I would never intentionally cause anyone harm or distress it has become more important to me, too, to be just who I am. My silent darkness and aging organs sometimes make it a challenge to keep us both happy.
Oops! One more mopping before bedtime. Guess the drinking I've been doing to please Mom isn't so pleasing to her in the long run. When I was outside waiting for the floor to dry, I didn't have anything better to do than sit in our fake grass with my face resting on it--so Mom tended to think I was sad for having another accident when it was over immediately afterward for me. It's very interesting to us dogs how humans try to interpret our supposed facial expressions and some of our behaviors in terms of their own. For example when I used to hang my head and put on a 'guilty face' whenever one of us dogs did something that displeased Mom, she had to learn that I wasn't necessarily the culprit, just that this was my reaction. Now when I hang my head, I wish she knew, just like not being guilty, I'm not necessarily sad or depressed. Once again I believe Mom and I were meant to spend these many years together because this is one of the things Mom needs to get over--feeling responsibile even when she had nothing to do with what happened.
9/27/09 Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I got to do my 'bunny hop' walk this morning. She let me sniff just as much as I wanted to. I no longer can 'read' as much in those smells as I used to be able to, but sure did get the 'general gist' of what has been going on outside my kitchen and back yard. Pretty quiet day until the evening began. I was SO restless and then I overate. Well, put that together and neither Mom nor I got to sleep until midnight (about 3 to 4 hours past bedtime). Mom tried everything including taking me outside, comforting me and even putting me in bed, but nothing worked. Maybe I won't overeat again...and maybe Mom will even ration my portions from now on in the evenings.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Judy's Art Sharing for September!

Art of the Month Newsletter

September 2009 Vol. 5, Edition 50

“We must consider neither risk nor profit, nor any material gain from our activity,

but simply do the most creative thing we can with the resources we have in hand,

not counting on any other resources ever coming to us.

There is no other way to live that will be satisfying and effective for us.”

John David Garcia from Creative Transformation


Thank you for your continued interest in my artistic gifts and passion for animals, travel and nature (it’s my honor to share my photographs, drawings, egg carvings, urns and more)!

I have been reconnecting with SO many friends from my past on Facebook lately. As a result of our reminiscing and sharing, I ran across my file of crafts projects—which as the quote above indicates, is creativity just the same as is ‘fine’ art. Here are a few of those fun items from the 70’s and 80’s (everything from latch hook to birthday cakes and clothes)!

For MORE craft photos you can go to the beginnings of my ‘Crafts album’ at

Please feel free to pass my blogs and website info on to others like yourself who enjoy my creations.

As always, if you would like your Judith K. Nelson artwork spotlighted, please let me know and I will do a “special edition newsletter” just for you!

If you ever have any questions or might want to ‘brainstorm’, let me know.

Artist Extraordinaire

Judith K. Nelson, aka “Judy

If would like to get a copy of this Newsletter emailed to you in the future,

please let me know so I can put you on the mailing list! Thanks!

Then if you change your email address, please let me know so I can keep you on my list!

Friday with Mom!

9/25/09 Waking at 6 a.m. I was ready to go right back to bed after 'morning duties'. Mom put my food out and then left to do something with her friend--I was STILL alseep when she got back.
Later, outside waiting for the urge to strike, I finally drank some water for Mom. Just couldn't go potty on her schedule even though I was outside for a long time--so one look at my food and I pee'd all over the kitchen floor. Although I know Mom understands, it doesn't make her happy to have her day interrupted with a chore like mopping (which she dislikes anyway). On the other hand, I think she was beginning to stick to the floor now that the kitchen is my it might have been a good thing all around.
But having to do it a second time today made her understandably a bit peeved--although I'm proud to report that she is finally learning to be more at peace with the patience that she so often has to demonstrate. Seems she sometimes spends more time than she realizes at the little box on the table, so she isn't immediately available when I need to go out. Besides, often I'm not sure myself when that is. I sure do miss the days when I could hop right out to the backyard through the doggie door and take care of things myself.
Again this evening I made up for my long morning without food. Then I began my searching for my habitual bedtime cookie pieces (with toothpaste on them). It just wears me out waiting and looking for thost last snacks. I further exhaust myself by working hard to pick them up out of the dish or off the floor then keep them in my mouth so I can chew them. Finally I drank some more water for Mom, having worked so hard at 'cookie time' I was thirsty. Another good night.

Friday, September 25, 2009

$$ Deposit for today!

Good evening!


From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

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September 25, 2009

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The following is from Iyanla’s book Until Today! Although it’s nothing we don’t already know, it can be a powerful reminder for us all:

A successful life is the result of making the assumption that we will be successful.

Let’s make the assumption that we know who we are.

Let’s make the assumption that we know what we want to do. When we are not sure, let’s assume that we will figure it out.

Let’s make the assumption that we will do what we want to do. If we put our trust into positive assumptions, they will undoubtedly work on our behalf.

Many people assume an identity that is given to them based on the assumptions other people make about them. We may try to live up to external assumptions. In some cases, we may have to live down to these assumptions. Under an assumed identity, we might make the assumption that life for us will be hard. If we lay claim to a negative assumption, it too will work on our behalf.

Then there are those who assume drama and terrorize themselves. They assume that someone is out to get them. They assume that the difficulties they faced in the past are waiting for them in the future. They assume that if they were to fall down, they will be unable to get up. They assume that while they are down, someone will come along and kick them. Of course if they get kicked in the face, they will incur hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of dental and plastic surgery bills. Has it ever occurred to us why the unpleasant things we assume will happen often do? Perhaps if we put our trust in some positive assumptions, they too would take place.

Until today, we may not have realized the power of an assumption. In fact, we may have been giving our power over to an assumed identity or a dramatically negative assumption.

Just for today, let’s begin to make positive assumptions about


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MOST OF ALL, let’s enjoy SPENDING our entire $133,000!!!

Thursday with Mom!

9/24/09 I was so happy to get my walk this morning that I did my "bunnyhop" run for a good portion of it. We met one of the kind couples who also walk and she reminded Mom to 'enjoy me while she can'.
I couldn't sleep too well since there was a delicious smell all around me keeping me awake. Since Mom's only cooking is usually for me, I really hoped she'd shares whatever it was. My wish came true and I found a way to devour all the morsels of freshly cooked chicken she offered me. This whetted my appetite so well I then ate two whole bowls of my own food. Mom keeps sticking my nose in my water bowl, but since she has been blending my food with some water I've not been interested in drinking anything at all. I guess I'm getting all the water I need to stay healthy from my food now. My mom sure wants to do all she can for me so this bothers her, thinking I need to drink water. Well, just like with babies who seem to have preferences, maybe if parents wouldn't worry so much we could naturally select what's best for us.
Later Mom gave me some massages. She sure does a good job and I love it--she could do it more often than she does and I'd be happy.
This evening I spent wandering in the kitchen, seems Mom should have just shown me where my bed was. When she took me outside, I went to sleep so she finally got the message that it was my bedtime. I slept like a log.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/23/09 Once again this morning, Mom was so clever. Knowing I didn't seem to remember I should potty outside, she put the 'piddle pad' from my bed out on the ground so I could smell it--that did the trick. So the day went better. Maybe we'll get used to the old routine again or maybe even an improved one. No walk yet, though since it seems we needed to sleep late and then Mom woke up with a catch in her back it looked like (I know she was holding her head last night, too).
I wasn't sure I'd like being confined in my kitchen area, but finally realized it WOULD help keep me from being disoriented in dark corners since I can't see that well anyway. There are fewer corners in my space now. And I can sense her in this part of the house almost all the time--even if I can't SEE her there.
I slept lots again today, dreaming of catching up with the others one day...
I catch up with some exercise when I get my bedtime cookie. It takes me a very long time to eat my treats these days. It's a challenge just trying to pick up my 'cookies', keep them in my mouth and then look through dimming vision for them when they fall on the floor. Might help if our floor weren't just about the same color as every dog biscuit ever made!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/22/09 Auntie Robyn, Sugar and Mom walked again today. Guess everyone will be getting back to their regular routines again. I didn't like it much as Mom packed, taking my beds and everything away. She didn't feed me as much as usual before we left to come home, so I fidgeted more in the car than usual. Finally we had to stop because I was about to wedge myself between the cooler and the car door--Mom rescued me again.
All the way home Mom seemed really sad. I wish I could help her remember that living each moment, not looking back or forward is the way to enjoy her life--like we animals do. And she needs to stop acting so brave, strong & happy all the time (like she thinks she should). I know she loves having me with her, but I just can't quite communicate as well as I used to, so sometimes even with me here she feels lonely. While we were at Auntie Robyn's house Mom enjoyed how Sugar looked into her eyes, could play and doesn't require so much work--all the things I used to.
I am very disoriented being home. My smells were washed away from my back yard so I don't even know where I should pee now. My feet are sliding all over the hard floors--I miss the carpet. Mom confined me in the kitchen so she could get a moment to herself and even then I found a place to get trapped!
So now that we're back home I will again begin deciding when it would be good for me to get on with my next life and let Mom figure out what's next for her. Especially true after the nightmarish night we spent--not even worthy of giving any power with words!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday with Mom!

9/21/09 Okay, the 'buzz' was Robyn & Jim returning from their cruise of the NE seaboard. They were here when I got up in the morning. It turned out to be a really interesting day. I wanted to be a part of it all and so spent a lot of time wandering, getting stuck in corners. Mom felt like I was trying to play 'hide and seek' with her sometimes. Or I slept in doorways--a sure way to be in the center of everything.
There were souvenirs (I even got a lobster shaped dog cookie) and they looked at lots & lots of photos. In fact it was so much fun I didn't eat my dinner until late. And it was really tough to go to sleep. After taking me out twice, Mom finally simply comforted me to sleep.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/19/09 Both of us dogs got our walks today. I noticed when we returned that Sugar was howling mournfully--could it be that she misses us? OR does she think she is the only one who gets to go on walks? I must admit that while I don't want to be played with or even sniffed too much, I really enjoy having Sugar here with Mom and me. I sure wasn't hungry in spite of the exercise--I think it might be that Mom didn't make my food 'soupy' enough. She sure gets concerned when I don't eat when or as much as she thinks I should.
Finally before Mom went out for a bit in the afternoon, she put my food down and I was hungry enough to lick my fancy bowl clean before my afternoon nap.
It was an uneventful night.
9/20/09 Something was in the air today... Mom didn't feel like taking walks, but rather scurried about the house doing little things that she hadn't done since Auntie Robyn & Jim left. Once Mom talked on the telephone and then seemed sort of down. I think maybe she is sad for her Great Aunt who is very old, like me, and doesn't feel very well. And I also think she is beginning to miss her 'own kind'. Once again we dogs can feel that there is energy building. Hmmm...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday with Mom!

9/18/09 Oops! Mom overslept today. Seems she needed to get ready to go out again so we dogs didn't even get our walks! Therefore it was a fun day for her, but not so much going on here.
Sugar finally got a sniff in when we were outside together in the afternoon. I sure do appreciate that she isn't using her extreme energy around me. Sometimes I think she might be avoiding me a bit too much, but I guess she just can't figure out how much interest she should show. She's a perfect companion for me at this time in my life. I often wonder if I ever could have really played with her since she's about 4 times bigger than I am and has that tendency to 'hunt', chase and run--she's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever after all.
This all makes me think of the walls that I understand humans talk about a lot. In my case this invisible brick wall is working well to keep my little world peaceful. On the other hand, my little world can get lonely since it keeps some of the joy of living out. It makes me sad sometimes that Sugar tunes me out and vice versa. So I guess the trick is to figure out how high or thick of a wall I need and want, which isn't an easy thing to do.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/17/09 I thought it was going to be another lazy day as time went by. But regardless of all Mom needed to do today, she finally got me outside. Although it was a very short walk which is probably a wise thing after not much exercise for a while, it was awesome. I was confused by all the new smells but thoroughly enjoyed them at the same time. It was so exhilarating that I once again did my version of running.
Mom went out to lunch and all was well all day long... I even had a peaceful evening and night's sleep.
When my days are so uneventful, I can do lots of reminiscing. I remembered that Mom's creativity 'spilled over' to her many dogs years ago. She had us "paw paint" and I might say some of us had a real knack for it. Some of us not so much. I hope you enjoy my artistic offering.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/16/09 Slept REALLY late today! Mom seems to be getting all the technical boxes under control now. And her other 'inventions' to keep accidents to a minimum and the house clean seem to be working very well.
Mom just had to watch the first "Biggest Loser" TV show for the season last night, so it was late before we all settled in--and then she got up early to 'do her duty' walking Sugar. So she tried to take a nap in the afternoon when the phone began ringing and Sugar found something to bark at. After that many interruptions naptime was over early...for her.
Bedtime, planned for early, turned into a 'zoo'--Mom finally had to 'pet me to sleep' again. I was so antsy that she kept putting me out even after she was reading for a bit before sleeping (watching me more closely now...). The last time she was startled by a scorpion on the back patio. After letting it make her retreat inside with me in tow, she finally smashed it with a big boot. She was going to leave it for Robyn & Jim to see, but finally concerned about us dogs, she swept its pieces into the rocks. Once again I must say our humans sure do make something out of nothing, don't they?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/15/09 Mom walked Sugar a bit late, only one sort of 'skirmish' when a dog was out. But Sugaar says Mom handled it well. Later Mom went out briefly but I had already had my 'grass time', eaten and been tucked in again.
Another slow day--I may be really spoiled when we get back home.
After dinner when I needed to go out after dark, Mom ran inside for just a few minutes after she put me out. Doing my little circle dances, I danced right into the round hole in which a rosebush was planted! It was pretty scary that the stickers seemed to grab me tighter the more I tried to get out. So I just relaxed knowing Mom would soon rescue me again. Well, it took a bit longer since she never could find the flashlight--and since I'm black like the night she had a difficult time locating me. This all scared her as much as the water episode last night!
If I didn't know better I'd tend to think I'm dreaming up ways to exhaust myself so I can sleep well for both Mom and me...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monday with Mom!

9/14/09 Sugar got to walk again today...seems Mom is out of the mood and it's still a bit too warm for me to walk when I get up so late. I think maybe I'm a little sad that Sugar seems to be taking my place as her walking companion--I used to be the BEST walker... On the otherhand, I know Sugar needs some attention, too and this is a temporary situation; mostly I know of course that I'm always Mom's NUMBER ONE dog--no matter what. I also sat in the cool grass watching Mom toss the frizbie for Sugar until she (the dog) was worn out. This was really okay since I never did do that...and I actually no longer have that kind of energy anyway.

This morning was another during which the machines in this house made Mom pretty frustrated. Too bad humans can't just get over the little annoyances as quickly as we animals do. I guess that's one of the many things I'm still here to help her learn.

At bedtime I had an experience that Mom & I will always remember! I got caught after dark in a strong rain that came from the ground instead of from the sky. I suspect it was man made and it made it much more difficult to do my 'business' than the other kind of rain. In that tall grass & in the dark I didn't know where to go or how to get there to escape the water. Mom came to my rescue, though, both of us soaking wet. I shivered for a while even after getting dried off and covered with a towel. I'm so happy I know Mom is always there for me regardless of what happens.

I slept really well...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/12/09 Yet again Mom took Sugar for a walk before I was ready to open my eyes. Sugar communicated that there were only a handful of rabbits out that early and only a few dogs to make it more exciting. Therefore, she said not to hurry--SO I just overslept again. My ear was bothering me today, so Mom cleaned it out for me again--this time what a chore! Took some effort on both our parts, but feels great now! I also stepped in my water bowl twice before I just had to settle in for my morning nap once more. I did notice Mom talking loudly to the box on her table in our bedroom--think it wasn't cooperating very well with her.

Wandering in our temporary bedroom like I've been doing, I found myself under the bed so far yesterday that Mom could hardly rescue me. I don't want to do that anymore since it scrapes my bony backbone... SO Mom came up with another brilliant idea. She stuffed pillows around the edge, covering them with plastic bags so my usually messy mouth won't dirty them--again, isn't she just creative?

9/13/09 Wow, it's really refreshing to watch Mom truly relax. Although there is plenty to be done here, she somehow seems to be able do those chores with less intensity. What I like best is she seems to have more time to pet, play with and talk to Sugar and me. Then I had a terrible time wanting to go to bed (maybe too spoiled from the extra attention[?])--or maybe from not enough exercise during the day. It got so bad the only thing Mom could think of doing when I immediately relaxed in her arms was to put me in bed with her. I settled in instantly, feeling her heartbeat and breathing right next to me. Of course a few hours later it was okay for her to put me back in my own bed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday with Mom!

9/11/09 Once again Sugar, Auntie Robyn & Mom took their walk before I got up--sure hope Mom can work in a walk for me once in a while since maybe I'd have more energy during the day that way (and less at night). Today I spent more time in the cool grass while Mom, Robyn & Jim did their visiting before the trip. Then Mom had to do the old 'trick' of coaxing me to eat by feeding me with a spoon. It sure tasted good when I got the idea, especially since I didn't eat much yesterday.

Speaking of the grass...Mom is letting me spend lots of time in it. It feels really good because it's cool and soft--not like our rock yard at home. It reminds me of when we had our big back yard of grass. But back then Katie and I could run as fast as we wanted through it. Now, however, this plush grass is just deep enough and uneven enough that it's hard for me to even stand up in. Consequently, while I am able to "do my business", then I just sit and enjoy the out of doors until Mom comes to get me.

The energy here today was just plain electric the first half of the day in anticipation of Robyn & Jim's trip. Auntie Robyn cried when they finally left because it is so hard for her to leave her Sugar for almost 2 weeks. Then the energy in this house crashed so hard that Sugar and I took a really long nap and Mom even rested, too--after she got away from all three of the little boxes on tables and the phone.

I just about got blown away by the wind during last call. I'm a little confused about our different bedroom here, but finally settled in to another good night.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

9/10/09 Today was a very lazy day for me. Mom & Robyn took Sugar for a walk before I even got up this morning. Then Mom, Robyn & Jim went out...I think I heard them talking about something called a 'fair'. I settled into my 'double bed' just fine. And I'm really proud to report that once again I had no accidents on Auntie Robyn's carpeting.

One thing you'll notice if you ever come to visit Sugar is she has a huge stash of toys--I mean really lots! Katie and I used to be spoiled and love our stuffed toys, too, but Sugar has us beat by a mile. Mostly she likes the ones that squeak, though. Katie and I weren't particular that way. And Sugar, being a bigger dog, also loves her tough toys. Jim plays with her really hard--Mom never did 'rough house' with us much. Since there were two of us, sometimes we'd get in a squabble over which one of us should fetch the toy. Katie wasn't much for sharing. In fact we didn't really 'connect' in such a way that we had much of anything to do with one another. I think it was because her mind wasn't quite right from the beginning. We dogs can sense those things--more quickly than our humans can...

Really good night after only one 'outing'.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/9/09 Upsetting morning--hungry and still didn't eat. Wanted to go for my walk instead but Mom kept too busy packing. We took off in good time with me tucked in beside Mom. I'm so happy I can go to sleep and not worry about the strange travel sounds anymore. Mom noticed me running in my sleep, however, on the 3 hour drive. I was dreaming of running with Sugar--if only I could...

Just as soon as we arrived at Sugar's house, Robyn made sure I know how much she appreciates my agreeing to do this with Mom. Not only will Sugar be much happier than coming to my house which would be a big adjustment for all of us. But also "Auntie Robyn" & "Uncle Jim" won't have to drive an additional 3 hours one way to come get Sugar when they return from their trip. I imagine they will be ready for their own beds just as I would be. And I get my own the whole time. In fact Mom figured out how to keep me from having accidents on the carpeting--she put two of my beds together so I can't get out. While that gives me more space to move around I'm still deciding if I like it or not. She keeps coming up with ideas already that might help make our stay easier, like putting a plastic back behind where I eat so my messy mouth doesn't make the wall icky.

I felt nervously active in the evening. While we all watched the big moving picture, Mom put me in a crate so I didn't wander and get stuck behind/in strange places, which was okay for a while. But then I wanted to wander around outside longer than Mom wanted me to. After the last time she had to take me out I sorta passed out though and slept really well. By the way, Sugar was a perfect host—so far…

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

9/8/09 Mom finally got her walk before I knew she was gone. And back in time for no accidents--proud again. After a phone call, Mom's energy changed--an excitement. But she worked in a walk for me anyway...always thinking of me. After she left and brought back lots of cans of dog food for me, I realized a trip must be coming up.

Watching her put things in piles and move them around seems to 'rock my boat'. I'm not sure how I feel about my routine changing. So I wasn't hungry all day which still gives Mom concern when I do that. But once again I finally 'dug in'.

About the only place I get to go these days, except to the groomer (but that's a very short trip) is to Sugar's house. Boy that will upset my quiet, solitary life. Sugar is so big and has a red swishy tail that gets in my face. I'll have to think more about this since I really want to be good for Mom. I guess if Sugar continues to walk around the edge of the room to avoid me, I probably can stand to live with her for a while. She's SO full of energy, she bounces and runs around like a kid and thinks I'm going to be interested--NOT! A little sniffing is tolerable by both of us once in a while, however.

I guess I'd better start eating my food instead of holding out for my bedtime tummy and my thoughts of Sugar's enthusiasm made me restless most of the night.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day with Mom!


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­9/7/09 Mom woke me way earlier than necessary since I'd been outside once during the night. She sometimes does that just for 'insurance' that I'll sleep later and without an accident. I believe she can sleep more soundly then, too. I had to get up early today because Mom went out with her friend again--no sweat I just waited. In fact I was able to hold things in until she got back, I'm so proud.

This holiday/'vacation' day felt different than other days...slow and lazy for me as Mom still bustled about doing whatever it is she keeps busy finding to do--not so much phone time, though. Great smell at dinnertime--popcorn? Katie & I used to catch kernels as Mom threw them to me, but guess it's not good for me anymore.

So the holiday was slow UNTIL we turned to come back in after last call! A tarantula was almost blocking the door. I really don't get why humans are startled, even frightened like they can be of another of God's creatures. Mom just seems to have a healthy respect for them, giving them a wide berth and never ever thinking of harming them. Still her heart was beating a bit faster when she got me inside. I remember once at bedtime like this, Katie Lou ran across one. Before I knew it she had jumped up and backward about 3 feet! It must have jumped at her and really scared her, too. Seems Katie is the one who usually (not always) had the adventures while I sat and chuckled.

Very peaceful night.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Week end with Mom!

9/5/09 Didn't feel like eating much this a.m. so I napped while Mom walked in the rain! Later when I did decide to eat TWO lunches I tried thanking her as I often do by gently bumping her leg or foot with my nose. Sometimes I use this same gesture to tell her I'm really hungry and could she please hurry with the food. Of course I can use my 'nuzzles' just to say 'Hi!", 'don't forget I'm here, too' or 'THERE you are'... Somehow she doesn't seem to appreciate my gesture of gratitude--she wipes the food which is caked in around my mouth off her leg right away. Maybe one day she will understand.

It never got very light today. I think maybe this is one time that I'm happy I can't hear or see very well since I could feel the electricity in the air. My suspicions were confirmed that it was a rainy day when I had to go out in it again to do my 'business'.

Perhaps the cooler drizzly day put me in the mood as I slept really well.

9/6/09 This morning Mom didn't get to me in time and I wet my bed. Only one other time did this happen but this one was WET. I wonder if some part of me knew it would be laundry day since because of that it didn't seem to be a big disaster to Mom. And she sure did hustle doing three loads, in and out, hanging it all on the line outside. She also talked on the phone.

Later a human that was in my life from the time I was born stopped by for something from Mom at the little box on the table. She let me sniff her hand but I didn't much feel like being petted since it was my naptime. She knew because I just didn't act much interested. Maybe eating two meals at a time is becoming a habit, since that's what I did again for dinner.

I sure do hope Mom can fit some more walks into our days since I look forward to them and they sure do keep me limbered up as much as is possible at my age.

So tired, tonight when Mom put me outside for last call that I sat and fell asleep in the yard! Needless to say it didn't take me very long to find that right and comfortable position for sleeping soundly all night.