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Friday, March 26, 2010

Today with Mom!

Today after Mom put me outside in the cold, stiff wind, she seemed to think I didn’t need to refuel as soon as I thought I should. So this is how I got the message across—it worked! (Who says we don't communicate with our humans?!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!

The wearing of my Hawaiian shirts instead of my winter jackets is a sure pronouncement that spring has finally arrived!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


3/20/10 Black Jack: I had a day yesterday that was slower than usual. I was thinking about finally moving on. But decided to bounce back bigger and better than usual. I had Mom even take me for my walk today--and eating, you should see!! So I reminded Mom that it would be a good idea to post the rest of my talk with Kat to remind her what I want her to know--AND to be sure you enjoy my wise words. She respects me so much that here is PART 5 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK ON COMFORT & MAINTENANCE REQUESTS:

*Kat asks: Is there anything more Judy can do to make your final days better?

** Even though moving around is not so easy for me now, I would still like to move around as much as possible. [he conveys to me shorter walks, possibly more often (twice or three times a day for 5-10 minutes); and then being carried around outside; and then in the car, going some place enjoyable, whether to visit friends or an interesting place or a favorite location. He does not want to become housebound if possible.]

*I understand, and I will let her know. What else?

** Can she rub me? [he conveys massaging especially his back legs, rump and low back, but overall would be appreciated, 2-3 times a day for a few minutes. It helps with the stiffness and soreness and maintains good circulation.]

*I’ll certainly let her know that is your wish, Black Jack. What else?

[he sends me the feeling that his food is not as easy for him to chew – I’m not sure what you’re feeding, but if it is kibble, it would help to soak it for 10-15 minutes in water, see if he will eat it that way. If canned, then can’t do much about that. If raw, it should be lightly cooked instead as raw would not sit well with his “older” digestive system. If homecooked, or raw, it should be warmed (room temperature) to make it more palatable. His sense of taste and smell are a bit dulled with age. Don’t make any sudden changes in food, other than soaking kibble if that is what he eats.

I scanned his mouth and it feels like he may have an issue with the molar or tooth in front of it on the upper right side of his mouth. Or the gum may be inflamed; just that there is some issue going on in that area. You might take a look to see if you notice anything; or next time he’s in to the vet, have them check his mouth thoroughly.]

*I’ll let her know that, thank you. What else?

[He conveys that he often feels cool/cold, so he would enjoy being covered whenever he’s sleeping with something lightweight, like a hand towel; and if it is a cool day outside (below 60 degrees F is cool to him), a lightweight coat/sweater would be appreciated.]

*Thank you; what else?

[are his nails long? He shows me his nails and the feeling that they are a bit on the long side, he does not like the feeling that gives him when he walks.]

*Okay, I’ll ask Judy to make sure your nails are kept trimmed. Is there anything else you want her to know, to do for you, to help you feel comfortable?

** No, Kat. Those are many things, and she already does so many things for me, that I do not need to ask for more. She takes very very good care of me, I do not worry that I will be forgotten or not treated very well. Judy Loves me, I know this; and it makes me happy that she takes such good care of me. So tell her not to worry, I am not miserable, or complaining here. Just if she can do these things more often, that would be helpful to me.

*I know she’ll be happy to do whatever she can for you, Black Jack.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring with Mom!

BLACK JACK: Well, Mom enjoyed her walk so much earlier that she found the time to take me for a walk, too. Even though I may not be able to see the blossoming trees, blooming flowers or hear the birds singing about Spring's arrival, I definitely get to feel the warmth of the sun, the Autumn breeze and smell the earth. It felt so good I even did a bit of my 'bunny hop' run. THANKS, Mom!

Monday, March 8, 2010


**KAT: So no unfinished business between you two?
***BLACK JACK No, I am just enjoying my time with her, most importantly I am enjoying the Love we feel for each other and show to each other every day. It is very necessary for me to be here for a little while yet, because Judy is getting used to the idea of my not being here in my body some day. She is quite ready but I think her heart is still adjusting a bit. So I am here for a while, I do not want her to have big big grief when I let go of my body. I want her to feel comfort and peace, and to trust and know that I am okay, that she is okay, that it is ALL okay.
Judy has learned about letting go and releasing many things over the time we have spent together in these bodies. She has learned so much, and it’s good learning, very good learning. She has been helpful to many others in them learning to do the same thing, by seeing her as an example of how to keep shifting and moving forward with life. Humans sometimes struggle with change, with adjusting to what is rather than what one wants it to be. That’s okay; they need to do that, to learn to be stronger in themselves, to learn to more graciously accept the change, and to realize that the change is a good thing! It’s always a good thing, there is always benefit to it. Maybe not recognizable at first, but it’s there, it’s in there for them.
Judy doesn’t struggle so much with change now, she is very good about going forward with what is before her. I am very proud of her for this! And she also has gotten very good at taking care of her heart, and her body, and her well-being. This pleases me, greatly, and I know I do not need to help her so much with all of that, she is doing well for her Self in those areas. So please tell her I am happy for her, that she is taking good care of her, as much as she takes good care of me.
** I will do that, Black Jack.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


***Black Jack: I know she is wondering if I will let go soon; tell her I will be here for a while yet, I am not quite ready to let go. I like my body, even if it is a bit tired and not so strong as it used to be. I like being in it, it is a good body. It’s small, it can go places [he shows me going under furniture, under bushes, under your legs when you’re sitting down, etc.], and I’m close to the ground so I can really, really smell the dirt! I like the Earth smell, it’s very strong and rich [he conveys the smell to me, and how different things – plants, trees, bushes, grass, weeds, etc. – each have their own particular smell. He can parcel out each smell from the other, even at his advanced age. He likes the Earth smell, and the smell of nature.]
**I will let her know that, thank you. Is there completion needed between you two so that you can move on out of your body?
***No, not completion; just a sense of enjoyment of these last days, however long they may be, Kat. I don’t have any rush or hurry in me to let go; I am enjoying my time as Black Jack [i.e. in that body] for as long as I am able. I don’t want her to think that she should allow me to dwindle to nothing, for that is not to my style or liking. But it would be okay for me to go on my own when I am ready, or if she thinks it is time to help me because I am struggling or suffering – especially suffering – then I ask that she help me. I don’t want to struggle, I am rather tired much of the time and so it would be a big effort for me to get out of my body on my own, I think. [I then conveyed to him the idea of him slipping from his body during sleep, just letting go if that is to his liking]
[He thinks on that] But, then again! I may just be able to do that, I could go quietly, I see it does not need to be a struggle.
**No, no struggle at all, Black Jack. You can go in your sleep, you can go when you’re awake, you can go whenever you like. It is up to you. And of course, if you need assistance, I think Judy would be okay with helping you with that. I have not talked with her about that, but I will let her know that you are open to that, should you seem to be suffering or struggling to get out of your body. Is that acceptable to you?
***Yes, Kat, of course, very much so. [he conveys that he would like to be able to let go on his own, but definitely if you sense he is struggling or more importantly suffering in his body, he would like the assistance. That is up to you, however, as to whether you feel comfortable with making that decision.]
**I’ll let Judy know.