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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Living with Mom!

2/27/10 Good morning, everyone! Mom’s been really busy this week but I finally got her to share my picture and some thoughts. What do you think of my latest fashion statement? Pretty sophisticated looking, eh?! ABOUT this new outfit: My coats and bedding were so nasty yesterday I just had to get Mom to wash them, so she found this sweater to put on me in the meantime. I think it’s sorta manly looking, don’t you? Don’t know if you can see the metallic red threads in it but that touch makes me edge on feeling ‘dressed up’! BUT I never really wore it before for several reasons—first, it was my AUNT, Sootei’s! Second, it’s kinda hard to get on and most of all it always bothered my ‘private parts’. Well age and its gravity apparently have kicked in there, too, since it doesn’t seems to no longer give me any problems.
Now I just have to get Mom to post the rest of the thoughts I shared with Kat…
Oh yes, and Mom's the BEST--she actually pureed my bedtime cookies last night since I have such a tough time chewing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Kat speaking to BJ:
***"Judy has this message for you: “My beloved Black Jack, please know how precious you are to me and how very much you are a part of me, in my heart forever! I know without any doubt that you have always tried to please me even now when your body doesn’t respond; I recognize and appreciate that more than you know.”
***Kat, please tell Judy I feel the same way about her! I am very, very pleased and grateful that we are friends, that we are good, close, exceptional friends, and that we have mutual respect for one another. I know not all animals are treated with the respect such as I am, and I am [very blessed] to have this human, to have Judy, to be my friend and companion and partner of the heart. She is a very loving, big hearted human, and I am very happy to be here with her!
***I will tell her. She says, “Thank you for choosing to be my loving companion and allowing me to learn from you. My life would not be as rich without having had you in it. My desire now is that you be as comfortable and happy as possible in your final days. Most importantly I want to be sure you know that I want you to move on and be free of your feeble body as soon as you are ready—I will be okay since we’ve had so much respectful loving, learning and growing time together, just the two of us. I’ll be very sad, but I will also feel a blessed freedom for both of us. Your loving human, Judy.”
***I have learned from Judy too! I have learned to be patient, I have learned to have more trust in my Self and in humans, I have learned that it’s okay to not be the strong one all the time, it’s okay to be Me. To be ME! [he “smiles” – he appreciates that you accept and respect him for Who He Is, as much as for how he is]

Monday, February 22, 2010


Here is the first part in which I speak of APPRECIATION AND CONTENTMENT:
“Good morning, Black Jack. This is Kat the Animal Communicator, talking with you at Judy’s request today.
Judy sends you her Love and great appreciation for Who You Are, and for the many years of wonderful companionship you have brought to her life. You are a Love, Black Jack, and she loves you very much. She has a message and some questions for you, but first, how are you doing today?
**Kat, I’m doing . . . well, pretty okay for Who I Am. [meaning, he’s slowed down, he’s stiff and he doesn’t move as well as he used to, but he’s okay with this. He is enjoying the slowness of the days, the slowness of time passing, and the quietness of his world with you. He conveys to me that he takes quiet pleasure/comfort in the stillness of his world, and great comfort in knowing he can trust you in all things, whether that is his care, or his activities, or anticipating his needs. He is a very very sweet dog/soul, one who has a deep sense of appreciation for the world he lives in, for you, and for Who He Is. He also greatly appreciates his body continuing to “hold him” and he is enjoying his twilight time with you.]
**That’s good to hear, Black Jack. Very good to hear. It feels like you’re doing okay in your quiet world?
**Yes, it is okay to be like this [i.e., he does not hear very well at all, as you noted; he does convey to me, though, that he “senses” sound at times, and he uses his other senses to compensate for the loss of hearing. He conveys, for example, how he feels the wind ruffle his coat and he remembers the sound of wind, so he still enjoys his hearing sense, just on a psychic level, if you will.]
**Okay, thank you. “


On Friday, February 19 our long distance friend Kat agreed to use her magnificent gift to do a reading with me for Mom. I'm dividing the resulting reading from our 'conversation' into several postings so it's not too long for one reading. So DO come back to get the 'whole story'!
First she asked ABOUT me (Black Jack):
So I told her: I am a Lhasa Apso mix, born 5/25/91 (almost 19 years old). I have lived with Judy my entire life even during conception. I weigh 12 to 15 lbs., height about 12" at the shoulder, black body with some white markings with the typical brown eyes. Mom keeps my sadly thinning hair short and covered for warmth and protection from the sun when I’m outside. My duties used to be to alert Mom to any movement, sound or stranger, but are now relegated to being Mom’s companion and simply ‘being’ with her.
I live indoors, mostly sleeping in either my daytime or nighttime bed beside Mom’s in our home in a small community subdivision.
I have no companion other than Mom now as Katie Lou passed almost 3 years ago.
I was bred for a client of Mom’s when she had a kennel, I am told my dad Benji was a Silky mix, mother Sassi a full Lhasa Apso. The intended human wasn't able to take me after all, for which I'm grateful! I was a playful puppy--loved to eat, which I still do. At some point in my puppy hood, I seemed to change from playful and outgoing to fearful. I WAS afraid of noises but now I can no longer hear except for certain pitches—so life is now very solitary and quiet since Katie left. I can also see only movement & shadows. Because I now have a difficult time walking my cherished daily walks are dwindling.
Our new friend’s name and information is: Kathleen A. Berard
Animal Communicator, Bach Flower/Wild Earth Animal Essences Practitioner
and Holistic Animal Care Consultant-Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance for People

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More days with Mom!

2/1/10 Sometimes I wander away from my food bowl and get my head stuck in the pillows surrounding my kitchen area. Mom always helps me find my way back so I can finish my food. Lately I've not been getting the hang of 'containing myself' during the day like I can overnight--not sure what's up with that. Initially Mom is peeved, but then remembers that I would never, never do anything to displease her and ends up giving me her loves.

Found yet another sleeping position. For whatever reason I didn’t want to stay in my cozy bed, so chose to wander into the pillows where Mom put the blanket over me. My bottom side was a bit cool, but this was comfortable for a pretty long while.

2/6/20 I actually got a walk during this time, but since I don't have the energy or eyesight to go very far, very long, very straight anymore, they get shorter and shorter. Was thinking that when I see Katie again I'll have to tell her she ought to have stuck around a while longer. Although Mom did her best with Katie's irrationality to make her as happy and comfortable as possible, this individualized 'royal treatment' in my last years has been "to die for". Besides the best canned food on the market, blended for easy consumption, just check out the latest addition to my comforts--an even softer, cozier place to take my daytime naps. Mom loves me so much (as she did Katie, too).