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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Jack on Mom's SLEEPING solutions!

I'm thinking my days of sleeping in Mom's bedroom may be OVER. I remember a very long time ago that I was able to jump up on the bed and make myself at home (along side Katie Lou). Because she feared I'd try to jump down and seriously hurt myself, Mom began making me sleep in my bed beside hers. Then when I kept getting lost wandering the house in my darkness, she 'closed' my bed so I'd stay there. Sometimes I long for those freedoms, but in the bigger picture I know it's for the best. I’m less confused and I love that it helps Mom have a less stressful life.

And now if I can manage to pee near bedtime for Mom, she sleeps more soundly. However she is so very vigilant that she has been awakening at my every move in order to be there for me should I struggle to change positions or need to relieve myself again during the night. Recently, due to lack of sleep for so long, continuing to maintain her health has been in question--along with her sanity. I've tried to tell her in many ways not to worry or fuss so much over me. If I fall I can usually get up myself even if it takes some effort.

So I'm pleased to report that night before last, seeing this night headed in the same direction, she put me in my 'kitchen bed' so she wouldn't hear me toss and turn. It worked--then when Mom gets up at about 1:30 for her own ‘potty break’, she gets me up and I’m ready to go again, too. Then we can both go back to sleep soundly again until morning—nice we’re so ‘bonded’ that we’re on the same schedule, isn’t it? Not sure I like being awakened from a very sound sleep but the timing is perfect. This could be the perfect solution for this phase of our life together since the same routine worked perfectly last night, too.

PART 8 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK-MORE ON JUDY

*Okay, that’s a great idea, Black Jack. I’ll let her know. What other things do you want Judy to know?

** That she should not stop doing what she Loves to do, no matter what. To always keep expressing her creativity, her energy, her Love for all things, through her work. Because her Work is really Who She Is. She is a bright Light, Kat, and she needs to know that. She is a Light for many many many humans, and she should please keep doing what brings her the pleasure in her heart and mind and soul for the beauty that she shares with the world. It is not enough to simply do it, it is important to keep sharing it with others, because it [evokes] many things in many humans, seeing a beautiful expression of Love the way Judy does her Work.

** And remind her, that as a big bright Light, she is “bigger” than the day-to-day worries of being human. Ask her to always stand in her [soul]-Light, to always come from that place in her Self in all she does, whether that is how she takes care of her Self, or how she shares her Self with others, or how she helps others, or how she engages with the world. Always from the [soul]-Light. She is a very bright Light, Kat, and I do not want her to make her Self small, in any way, ever. She has worked very hard to come to the place of expression of Who She Is, in a big way, and I want to ask her not to let go of that, for any reason, for any person or way of thinking or way of being or place of living.

** Let other Lights come to her, and engage with her, as much as she seeks out the Lights to engage with. There are many on Earth who are doing this, Kat, and she is in good company. Tell her not to worry, there are more coming her way, there will be many more grand adventures to engage in and to enjoy most fully! [Black Jack “smiles” – he has great great Love and appreciation for Who You Are, what you do, how you express your talents, how you share your Love of others with others, and he is very proud of you being Who You Are now, that you do not hide and make yourself small. He wants you to continue to expand that Light, to keep expressing your Self through your Work and to also do Work for your own pleasure, not just for others.]

*I’ll let her know, thank you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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PART 7 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK ON JUDY

Black Jack** Judy’s heart is very big, and very full of Love, for me and for others. Ask her to deepen and strengthen the Love she has for her Self. She has greatly improved that over our time together, but it is important that she allow even more Love and appreciation into her life from others and for her Self. [Black Jack conveys to me that he feels you have greatly advanced over the years in being kinder and gentler with your Self, Judy, and he wants you to continue to expand that and open to it. Not only what you can do for you in that regard, but also opening even further to what others offer you in the way of Love, friendship, appreciation, support, etc.]
Kat* I will convey that to Judy, Black Jack. What else do you want Judy to know?
** That her talents, her gifts, are not just in what she conveys with her hands [he shows me the meticulous work that you do, he is very aware of what you do for others and how much pleasure it gives you to do that], but also what she conveys from her heart. Ask her to let others know what she receives about them and from their animal friends through the Love-work that she does. This is important, humans want to know that others understand the beauty and richness and uniqueness of those they Love. It reflects back to the human that what they feel for their Loves is shared and enjoyed by another, such as Judy, with her talent and ability to engage with others of all kinds [animal and human].
*So for example, you are saying you want her to convey with words [in writing] about what she experiences when she does a piece of work for someone? And also if she does that work for her Self?
** Yes, exactly! That is it. I want her to put her feelings and experiences with her work into words for others to enjoy and appreciate. This allows her to not only have the pleasure of those feelings and experiences, but she also conveys to others the richness and beauty of who a particular [soul, being, spirit] is. This would mean a great deal to those receiving the information. And it would also be helpful if she were to include that information for others to know about as well. [note: he is aware you “talk with many” – i.e. through your newsletter/mailings and website – and is conveying the idea that you (with the human’s permission) share your insights and experience of doing a particular piece of work in a shortened version when you include that piece of work in your newsletter. Perhaps this could also be included on your website, with their permission of course.]


*Judy says, “As I've been observing his behaviors another question comes to mind out of curiosity... When he wanders and/or goes in circles, what does he need from me? I could speculate, but would rather know if there is something he is trying to communicate to me when he does this.” *Please tell me what is happening for you or with you or in you when you wander or go in circles, Black Jack. **I am sometimes not so sure where I am, or what I am supposed to be doing, Kat. Sometimes my mind seems to be . . . . [fuzzy, unfocused] . . . and I do not know what to do. Sometimes I am just a bit at a loss for something to do. And sometimes, well, I need something to do that is fun and interesting. [note: he then conveys that sometimes he is trying to get your attention to focus on him so that you will take a break from whatever you are doing, that you need the break at those times. So notice when he does this, as to what you are doing at the time and for how long you’ve been doing it.] *Do you do then when you need to go outside to go to the bathroom? **Yes, sometimes. But mostly she knows when I need to go out, that’s not a problem for us. *Okay. Is there anything else Judy can do to help you at those times? **Engage with me at those times, stop what she is doing and focus on me, on us, and what we can do that is fun or interesting or even just spending time together enjoying the touch of hand to body, or head to hand, or whatever. I would like her to be “in the moment” with me at those times, not thinking about whatever she was doing, or still needs to do, but just stopping and being in the moment, really enjoying the time, the minute, the second, the breath we each take over and over again, the feeling of simplicity that our lives are about, the feeling of deep Love and companionship that we share. **I know Judy cannot do all the things with me that we used to do, because I am rather slow now in my body. But I still love to be touched and held (as is comfortable) and I love to be [caressed] gently and loving, as she is so good at doing. I really enjoy those quiet moments together, I am happy with the simple things, Kat. I don’t need a lot to be happy. I really [cherish] our simple time together, and how Loving we are with one another.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black Jack says...

Monday Day was just here to give Mom another awesome massage and spoke with me as she usually does. They both seemed to get a chuckle out of my saying that yes my guides have reassured me there is nothing to fear going to the other side and that it can be peaceful. When they explained that I can even then still... be with Mom, I simply couldn't understand why I would want to do that when I'm already doing it here! I'm perfectly content, in no pain and understand my limitations, dealing with them accordingly. Only thing I'd feel better about is if Mom would be more content like I am and stop worrying and fussing over me as much as she feels she needs to.