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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

PART 10 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK/Health & Comfort
Kat's NOTES: Black Jack is a delightful, sweet soul, Judy. It was truly a pleasure to connect with him for you in this way. He conveys a sweetness of Love and appreciation for you, and wants you to know that he does not in any way feel he is “suffering” at this time, even though he has slowed down and does have some stiffness/soreness especially in the back end.
1. Bach essence for restlessness: Agrimony; Bach for indecision, imbalance: Scleranthus. 2 drops of each in a 1 oz bottle of filtered water, shake well to blend, then give him 4 drops of this 4 or more times a day, with at least one dose before bedtime. Can give as many doses as needed throughout the day/evening, no harm is caused by numerous doses. These are vibrational essences, they work on the mental/emotional states.
2. Blue for calming – place something blue (fabric, towel, etc.) near where he likes to lay.
3. NuVet Plus for his soreness/stiffness and for general health – see for information and how to order. I recommend the powder, as it’s easier to dose and you don’t have to worry about whether he’d like the wafers or not. It’s also a great antioxidant formula, which is good for everything!
Please note that I am not a veterinarian. The information provided herein is not to be construed as veterinary or medical advice. It is offered simply for your consideration. Consult with your veterinarian and trust your intuition as to what feels appropriate for Black Jack.
Thank you for asking me to talk with Black Jack, Judy. I look forward to talking with you about the session.
Many blessings and hugs and Love to you and Black Jack,
Kathleen A. Berard
Animal Communicator, Bach Flower/Wild Earth Animal Essences Practitioner
and Holistic Animal Care Consultant
Intuitive/Spiritual Guidance for People
San Antonio, Texas 78247


*Kat What else do you want to say to Judy, or want her to know?
**Black Jack That I Love her very very much, and we are never far apart, even though we are in separate bodies. We have a bond, a closeness, of the [soul] that is very special, and we are together for always. Please let her know that. When I am gone from my Black Jack body, I want her to remember this. That I am not far away, I am Right Here, just as I am now. I will be with her in her heart, for always, I know this. I want her to know that she will always be in my [soul-heart] as well.
** Tell her thank you, very very much, for all of the good things she has done for me over our time together, and please ask her to know that I am very happy with how our lives together have gone. I know there were times, and still are times, that she worries about me; but ask her not to do that so much, and to just enjoy being “in the moment” with me. It’s okay if she wants to sleep more, like I do; she could use more sleep! [Black Jack conveys that he thinks sometimes you do not allow yourself to rest as much as you could/should, so he is saying to take naps if that would be helpful to you, like he does.]
*I’ll tell Judy, thank you.
*Is there anything else you would like to talk about before we close, Black Jack?
** No, I feel okay with what we have done today, Kat. Tell Judy not to worry, to be happy, to enjoy life in every moment, and to be as Big as she can possibly BE!! It’s good when Judy is Big, she has her energy about her and feels very centered at those times. Ask her to seek that [space/place/energy] every day, in every moment, and to let nothing pull her out of her center. She is a strong human, and she is very deserving of all good things, Kat. There are more good things coming her way, tell her that. She should not worry, all is well.
*I will do that, I know she’ll be happy to hear that, Black Jack.
*Thank you very much for talking with me today. It has been a pleasure connecting with you, and I wish you all the very best now and in the future on your Journey, Black Jack. Take good care of yourself, and enjoy every moment.
*Blessings to you, sweet Black Jack.
** Thank you, Kat! And blessings to you. [he sends me a big wave of Love and appreciation for you, Judy, that reminds of a star streaking across the sky but trailing a rainbow of beautiful colors in its wake. Just lovely; very sweet and comforting energy from Black Jack to you/for you.]
*Thanks, Black Jack, I’ll convey that energy to Judy.
*Take care, Black Jack.
** Bye, Kat!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So far Black Jack is choosing his second favorite pastime [since he is now enjoying his very golden years] to celebrate his birthday--soundly sleeping. Here is his second--eating, which has always been a special moment in all the days of his life. Lately he has taken to falling asleep with his face in his food dish! Here the after effects!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The latest in the Black Jack saga...

New 'wrinkle' in care giving for 'ancient' dogs...
Finally having gotten a working arrangement for both of us to get some sleep I got quite a start the other night. After last call, Black Jack settles in (usually) to his comfy bed away from Mom's room because he tosses so much during the night. This bed is 1/2 a good size dog crate with the entrance blocked. For a long while he has been unable to get out of it on his own so I had no worries. As has become the habit I awoke around 2 a.m. to take him out for his mid-night relief--I really hate wet beds and I'll bet he does, too. Well HE WASN'T THERE! In my half-awake state that was pretty startling. THEN I wondered where in the entire house he might have gotten himself trapped--under a bed or behind what furniture, like he used to do when still allowed to wander. Finally I found him. He had somehow gotten back to the utility room corner to do his 'business' (both) then ended up wedged under a chair that has a bar just the right height to hang his head over. Sad sight, but he was sound asleep in this position.
Attributing human reasoning to him, he must have just wanted to avoid his discomfort and my dismay in having to change and wash his bedding again--LOL!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

$$Deposit info for May!



Recently I mentioned to a friend that I’m not sure what’s next in my life after my beloved 19 year old dog decides to leave his body. He suggested the book by Lynn Grabhorn, Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting.

Well, I had decided NO MORE ‘self help’ books but because he’s such a like-minded friend I checked it out online. Looked good, so I ordered one, then another (that I’ve already given to a friend).

It’s based on the LAW OF ATTRACTION of which Abraham long ago made us aware. While those readings through the Hicks family seemed logical and simple to me even then, they felt just too vast for me to become a serious student.

Well, Lynn, in her humorous and down to earth style has blended them with her own life experiences into this palatable (even enjoyable) book.

She claims (and I think we’d all agree) this simple ‘key’ is the “greatest missing link [from all the other ‘self-help’ literature out there] to life and living ever known to mankind!”

How could I NOT share with you all?!

Today I just happened to be reading about how we really CAN help turn the economy and world situation around—which of course includes our individual financial circumstances as well!!

Here’s part of what she writes (paraphrased in part)…

I absolutely know you’ve noticed like I have, that in bad times all we seem to hear, everywhere we go, is how bad, bad, bad things are. Even in good times we humans tend to enjoy complaining, don’t we—prices too high, corporations too greedy, government incompetent, etc.? EVERY NEGATIVE WORD OUT OF OUR MOUTHS IS “MAKING IT BIGGER, STRONGER, AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN IT WAS BEFORE [WE] STARTED BAD-MOUTHING IT”!

We may feel we had nothing to do with the condition it appears the world is in right now, but THAT’S NOT TRUE. Each of us is a part of the mass consciousness flow—everything we think and feel has had and continues to have a monumental impact whether we believe it or not.

As difficult as it may seem we MUST ‘flow some Feel Good energy’ to the situation—simply seeing things as we know they are meant to be.

This very simple key works 100% of the time whether for: The economy,

Global conflicts & gang wars,

Moral issues,

Mass killings,

AND our own financial situation,

As well as all else ‘bad’ personal or world wide that appears to be true!

Of course I highly recommend this book if it ‘speaks’ to you.

From The Quartus Report, Charlene Bradshaw (whose husband served in the military, willing to give his life for our freedom) reinforces this formula (again paraphrased in part)…

She says, “Our role in all of this from the human standpoint is nothing…until disagreements are resolved within the consciousness that created them, each situation will continue toward its just end or until there is the spiritual awakening of the collective mind.”

“While all this ‘drama’ continues”, she goes on, “we are not to pray for good to overcome evil, as this thought places us in the framework of duality. We are to rise above duality, come together in mind and heart with one another…go within and up to that highest frequency in consciousness, release the Light, Love and Energy...” and see only what we know CAN be.


simply by FEELING GOOD!!!!!!!!!

I’m also still having a blast ‘cheer leading’ and enjoying our now very large group of pet lovers on Facebook (search for and I’ll gladly be your friend!). If you’re on you can join in the fun AND good resources/work at the group (search for) PET LOVERS.