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Thursday, May 29, 2008

$$ Deposit for today!

Good Evening!

I am having an out of money experience. Author Unknown

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

May 29, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $104,000 – One Hundred Four Thousand Dollars

The following is from an article by Arlene Hougland, Astrologer

Come on; fess up, Arlene says.

How many of us are willing to admit that money or the lack of it often holds us hostage?

She says this is one of the top four questions her clients ask her; do you see money in my chart?

It’s crazy, isn’t it? Little green pieces of paper that we are told are not even worth the paper they are printed on, and yet wars are fought for them, dreams and health are sacrificed for them; and important decisions are swayed by them. Many of us are like dogs chasing our tails thoroughly convinced that if we just run fast enough we will catch it.

She even admits that she has spent many a late evening dreaming of winning the lottery, yet never investing in a ticket.

We may think we are exempt, and somehow above it all, but just let the price of something we need or use a lot rise to a level that pinches us and we suddenly feel caught in the grip of our captor—money.

From an astrological point of view there are many factors that go into building wealth and prosperity; with money being the least of those. She tells us there are a number of planetary energies that contribute to our finding the wealth the Universe has intended for each of us.

Without going into all the signs, we can see that it is our attitude about money that influences our wealth.

Hopefully we understand along with her that money is a tool, not an end. The true components of wealth and prosperity go deeper and last longer. May we all find our energies favorable and drink of the Universe’s true bounty of which there is no end, she says.


‘I drink of the Universe’s infinite bounty’!

I use money only as a tool!

My attitude about money is ‘healthy’.

I spend my entire $104,000 with a prosperous attitude!

Friday, May 23, 2008

$$ Deposit for today!


The secret to having it all is not having to have it all.

Beth Becker

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

May 23, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $103,000 One Hundred Three Thousand Dollars

The following is my interpretation of an article by John Price from the May 2008 issue of “The Quartus Report”. It’s an old message with a bit of a new twist…


Mr. Price was reminded recently of the old adage “fake it until you make it”—remembering the fact that, indeed, energy follows thought. So this seeming game is actually a way to develop a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, ‘acting as if’ will only produce results if we are alert and enthusiastic about the process.

When we CHOOSE a certain aspect of life and living, and accept it in our feeling nature, we must move into a consciousness of HAVE. But sometimes this is difficult to maintain given the results are not yet visible. It’s like inflating the HAVE balloon, he says, only to find it empty again after a nick of concern.

So the ACCEPTANCE step must follow—seeing what we desire from a higher perspective. We can then clearly see those images of stability and security; truly feel the fulfillment and completion. This is seeing as Spirit sees—that it is already done!

Through this “AS IF” imaging power the energy of FAITH is activated. This faith is the unfailing assurance that helps us remove the mountains of fear and doubt, Mr. Price reminds us. It breaks down the middle wall or partition created by our error thoughts.

So we are producing IMAGING POWER that activates FAITH which in turn energized the power of WILL.

He says WILL is the focus to hold firmly those images of completion and fulfillment along with the unfailing assurance of faith. So WILL is not something we try to force from a personal sense. But it’s the natural result of the first two aspects, acceptance and faith.

Now we’ve moved into the full measure of HAVE when Spirit takes over to complete the self-fulfilling prophecy. AND SO IT IS!!


I act AS IF I am rich, whole, successful, loved and loving because I AM!” John Price

What I see, I shall become!

I see all-sufficient money in the bank, always available for my abundant life.

Today I spend my entire $103,000 focusing on its infinite flow!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Judy's May Artwork Sharing

Art of the Month Newsletter

May 2008 Vol. 4, Edition 37

“Dogs are a link to paradise…” Unknown


Thanks once again for your continued interest in my artistic gifts and passion for animals, travel and nature

(it’s a pleasure sharing photographs, drawings, egg carvings, urns and more)!

This week my dear friend June passed away. She had also been my most avid art supporter for the entire 18 years that I knew her—sometimes seeming to feel the need to support me with the very many dog drawings I did for her to give to her family during that time. You see, she passed down to her 6 children her compassion for dogs and so the family was known for rescuing innumerable canines.

It seemed touchingly fitting that Susie, her favorite therapy dog was not only with her when she passed but was a guest of honor at her memorial service.

Her love lives on...

Sammy was her very last dog, this drawing was done for her in February 1996.

Please feel free to pass my letter on to others like yourself who enjoy my creations.

As always if you would like your Judith K. Nelson artwork spotlighted, please let me know. I would do a “special edition newsletter” just for you!

If you ever have any questions or might want to ‘brainstorm’, let me know.

Artist Extraordinaire

Judith K. Nelson, aka “Judy”

If would like to get a copy of this Newsletter emailed to you in the future,

please let me know so I can put you on the mailing list! Thanks!

Then if you change your email address, please let me know so I can keep you on my list!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Comment on $$ Deposit for today!

I will give my entire $102,000 to those nurses, etc. who are working around the clock to take care of my mom. They are not only giving their time and their knowledge but they are putting up with all the emotional family aspects. They are even enduring intimidation & accusations from those family members who are in such pain they aren’t thinking clearly. Believe me, they have earned every cent of their wages, and more than that they have earned their angel wings. They have spent time with me, one on one, to comfort me and to answer all my questions...they deserve this and more, in my book.

$$ Deposit for today!


Our goal should not be to make more money or acquire things, but to achieve the consciousness through which substance will flow forth when and as you need it. Eric Butterworth

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

May 5, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $102,000 One Hundred Two Thousand Dollars

Another one by Ron Fox adapted from the “Science of Mind Magazine”—August 2006.

Spiritual Investment

I once read that in the universe nothing is given away. What we send out always returns. The law of circulation teaches what goes around comes around. When we refuse to give we refuse to receive.

There is a fable about a town whose wealthy men agree to throw a huge party. They pay for everything and agree that each of them will supply several barrels of wine. One of the men decides that no one will know if he dilutes his wine with water. At the appointed hour for the toast, everyone takes a sip of wine and realizes that all the wealthy men had the same idea. The moral of the story is to taste the wine we must give the wine.

Giving is an attitude. We live not to acquire but to unfold and develop. Giving helps us develop a greater awareness of spirit. This is true whether we are giving our love, our time, our talent, or our treasure. When we give, we become instruments of God.

In what area of our lives can we increase our giving?

Let’s commit to doing it.

It will return to us in kind.


In this moment my good comes to me, enough and to spare, to give and to share.” Ernest Holmes

”My good can never be depleted, because the source of my good is inexhaustible.” Ernest Holmes

” I give with an open heart and my good is abundantly and lovingly returned!”

I remember the law of circulation and practice it!”

Today I spend my entire $102,000 maintaining the divine flow!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

$$ Deposit for MAY DAY!


It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:32

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

May 1, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $101,000 One Hundred One Thousand Dollars

You are invited to visit my website at anytime .

The following is adapted from an essay by Ron Fox in the December 2007 issue of “Science of Mind Magazine”.


Prosperity is a way of thinking, a mindset. The late film producer Michael Todd once said, “I’ve been broke but I’ve never been poor.” If we want to be prosperous in all things we must begin by taking responsibility for our own thoughts. We must take charge of our life.

If we believe in struggle and chaos, that is what we will experience.

If we believe in an ever-expanding and giving universe, we manifest prosperity.

If we believe there will never be enough, then there never will be enough.

The creative process is at work all the time. We can’t pray for twenty minutes, meditate for a while, think negatively the rest of the day and expect to create the life we desire. We must be vigilant; our spiritual work is not an end within itself.

In Matthew 6:21 it is written, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Let’s ask ourselves,

“What do I treasure?”

“What is really important to me?”

We must know that when we begin to do our spiritual work on a consistent basis, when we truly do live from a life space of gratitude and prosperity, our treasure will appear.

Today is a great day to begin.


Today I know that all I seek is mine!

”I open myself to receive my good!

I feel the presence of Spirit working in my life!

”I begin TODAY!

Today let’s spend our entire $101,000 from a place of gratitude and prosperity!