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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday & Friday with Mom!

Black Jack: As you humans know it's easier to see things differently--even a puzzling celebration like Halloween and "go with the flow". SO here's another pose of me in my cowboy costume--guess I'm not really all that thrilled... But Mom & I wish you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!Blank
10/29/09 Not really much to report today...and that's part of Mom's sadness. Sometimes she feels as if the's "lost" herself in the monotony of caring for me. She knows exactly what to do about it, but sometimes can't quite get a handle on it by herself.
Her patience did wear a bit thin when she kept taking me outside to only watch me sit in the cold and not feel the urge to relieve myself so she could get into a sound sleep. And even a dog can understand how frustrating that must be to my human. Then when she put me in the kitchen to calm down I DID feel the urge. So to top off her not so great day she got to scrub. At least she then knew she could get some uninterrupted sleep.
10/20/09 Again Mom took me out very early to watch me do nothing. But she slept nevertheless for a couple more hours. Today Mom went out with her girlfriend again. I do so love it when she goes out for a change of pace because I know how good it is for her and thus both of us. Then she spent some time talking to Auntie Robyn on the telephone. Out of that she devised a plan to help her handle the endless mundane chores in her life. She's keeping a list of all the those seemingly meaningless things to appreciate that they are really 'soul matters' in the bigger picture. She seems motivated now to do even more. Isn't it amazing how when these humans just look at things differently it makes all the difference? As she learns more and more I know I can move on one of these days.
Then Mom even went out to a movie. I was pretty lonely by the time she got back and it was a busy evening watching her play catch up, but ended up being although a late night, a good sleep.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

Black Jack: Couldn't wait to share my favorite 'cowboy' costume with you--hat, boots, badge and all!
10/28/09 This morning Mom left me out long enough that I felt the urge to do both of my 'jobs' outside. In fact she did that all day long since I've been taking longer and longer to 'feel the urge'. It sure was cold and windy every time. Even though Mom put an extra coat on me and the sun was shining most of the day, that wind just made if feel way too cold to be outside. Even though we live in the high desert of Arizona it tried to snow off and on all day long, too. So Mom and I stayed in the entire day. I don't think Mom feels so great cooped up like that with the clouds and all so she began feeling even worse as the day wore on, I could tell. I really don't like being exclusively an 'house dog' much either really. The night was a good one, not totally relaxed but good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/27/09 After our rough night, Mom was a bit 'fragile' today. It didn't help either that the weather was cloudy and cooler than usual along with a high wind that kept blowing my coat up when I was outside. Early it felt really cold and so after a long time, Mom took pity on me bringing me in for breakfast before I'd had time to figure out why I was outside. So to add to her sad and weary feelings she had to scrub and clean up after me to begin our day together. Yesterday our friend Day did tell Mom that I'm losing more of my senses like depth perception and so it seems that I'm even more confused than ever. Of course this really affects Mom--to watch me must be difficult even though I'm not hurting. She's the kind of person who feels the hurt when some one she loves isn't doing well. I think I'd better try to digest the fact that moving on will be a good thing not only for Mom but for me, too.
My bedtime cookies has a bit different flavor than usual this night...believe Mom laced them with Calms and Rescue Remedy. She does this not just for her but so I'll feel less anxious, too. I don't mind a different flavor of any kind as long as I get my cookie. Hey, maybe I ought to be labeled a 'cookie monster'--HA! Well either I was ready for a great night's sleep or this ploy worked. It sure feels good to sleep well AND to give that gift to Mom.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday with Mom!

10/26/09 Today we both got our walks and then went about 'business as usual'. My "job" included snoozing and I thought about my favorite of all time toys again--my 'fuzzy monkey'. His floppy arms were what intrigued me and because I played with him so much he sure did get scruffy looking. Mom still has him but I just don't care to play anymore.
My dear friend Day was here today. She gave Mom a massage, did energy work on me and most importantly gave me some real peace of mind. I've been struggling with the idea of leaving this 'cushy' life. I told her I was uncertain what will happen when I do decide to go, so she shared mind pictures with me of how wonderful the next place will be. Along with reassuring me that Mom will be okay that really made a huge difference to me. Now I can relax and be more comfortable until the time I decide that I'm just too tired to be here any more.
Day also called me a 'fighter' but sometimes that turns out to be not such a comfortable quality. Last night we were awake and usually out of bed almost every hour. Mom is wondering if lots of "power naps" add up to a good night's sleep... On occasions like this Mom must draw on her 'saint-like' patience over and over. Even a nightmare-ish night like this is made a bit easier to handle, however, remembering what it was like when Katie was deciding to move on.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/24/09 After the rough start the day got a bit better, but Mom was very busy when all she really wanted to do was get away and/or relax. When she should have been leaving auntie Robyn was on the phone and then another friend needed to come over to ask a favor. It was 3 p.m. before she could take time for herself.
Man, even after Mom tried the 'kitchen reminder' I was so determined not to stay in my bed that I bumped my mouth on my bed so hard it began to BLEED. When Mom noticed she kept a level head and cleaned me up with nice cool damp paper towels, checking to be sure I didn't hurt anywhere. Even after that it was a restless night. Mom probably turned that light on and checked on me 10 or 12 times during the night. I just am having a hard time changing positions with my weakening hind legs. Sure hope I can figure out how to not do this so Mom gets her sleep. Gotta keep her healthy.
10/25/09 We finally got a larger chunk of sleep early this morning so we slept a bit later than recently. Mom spent mostly a lazy day but did cook some chicken mostly for me, I think since I haven't eaten as well as usual the last couple of days. She also shared some yellow squishy stuff with me that I really liked. I think they call it squash--what a peculiar name for a food...
This couldn't have been a much more 'laid back' day, but then they mostly all are for me these days. After my now usual brief "understanding lesson" that Mom wants me to sleep near her, it was a pretty good night, only needing to go out very early in the a.m.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday with Mom!

10/23/09 I was so happy that Mom got up early enough to get her walk and then enjoy a couple of hours out with a friend. It was a quiet day and I didn't even miss her while she was gone. Later she left again and came home with lots of cans--pretty sure food for me.
It was a really good night until about 4:30 in the morning when I just couldn't contain myself. Mom jumped out of bed immediately when she heard my commotion, but not soon enough. When she picked me up, in the dim light at first she thought water was streaming out of my mouth but with both relief that it wasn't something worse, and then dismay she discovered it was coming from the other end. Well that realization took enough time that I'd not only wet the bed but sprayed all around it and down Mom's front. Oh well, went right back to sleep in my kitchen bed while Mom had to figure out where to start to begin cleaning up the mess.
Think she may go out again today...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

Someone needs to make treats big enough for me to find! I couldn't miss this one, eh?!
10/22/09 Mom got up while it was still dark--know she doesn't like to do that. At a slower pace today, we both finally got our walks--of course the fact that Mom took me first probably had some thing to do with my refusing to eat my breakfast (sure will be glad when this kind of food is gone). It isn't quite so hot these days and so we can go later in the day. Today was sunny and crisp again. I always seem to be able to find plenty of energy for walking--just like I used to without quite so much gusto.
Finally I settled down for a nice afternoon nap, unlike yesterday. Sometimes Mom treats me like I'm helpless and yet I need help. When we walk I'm becoming more and more dependent on her leading the way. In fact sometimes I have to bump into her to know what direction to go. And even in the kitchen sometimes I can smell my food but really have no idea where to find it. Should I drop one of my cookies, thoughtfully served in a white bowl, I can not see them at all since they are always the color of the floor--a shade if brown. If left on my own I'd be in sorry shape. Thank God for Mom.
Yet again another good night.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

That’s me on your right, at the beginning of my healthy, happy life!

10/21/09 Another great walk this a.m. and I really 'trucked'. All day though I was restless and Mom was trying so hard to figure out what was up with me. Sure wish I could just tell her, but sometimes I don't even know myself. Think my tummy might have been a bit upset--maybe Mom won't buy this most recent kind of food again. After all I don't care if I have a variety of flavors or not--I just like what I like. Maybe she'll even cook for me again...

With the way Mom hasn't been 'on her game' and my acting strange I think I wore her out today. Over all, however, I am so very grateful that my life has been a healthy one. I've only had to go to the place that makes me 'quake in my boots' a couple of times. And Mom has been just as healthy. I'm pretty sure it has lots to do with a positive attitude but also eating and doing healthy things. Rethinking, I guess as much as I worried and was frightened of things early on, I should be even more grateful that this didn't affect my health.

I even piddled on the kitchen floor at bedtime...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/20/09 Gentle awakenings--that's one of the very best part of my days. When I sleep too late and sometimes can't even contain everything, Mom still gently snuggles me awake. She has noticed lately that tail wagging has pretty much ceased. When Katie quit swishing her full white tail, Mom was so sad because she thought Katie was no longer happy. Well, it really is just that I don't seem to be able to find the energy to get my happiness all the way to my tail. (Heck, I don't even raise my tail like a flagpole when I pee anymore!) And what I feel now is a different kind of joy--sort of more a calm and peaceful contentment that doesn't require the demonstrating of it.
Mom's energy was different today. Think I like her more peaceful way when she is up way earlier than I and gets lots of her computer stuff done. Of course she just might have had less energy than usual, having awakened so early.
I was so happy to get out for my walk on this perfect day that I did my 'bunny hop run' even away from home whereas I usually just get excited to get back home. And people sure do look--well, just imagine a 90 year old man jogging down the road!
Uneventlful day giving me lots of time for my special contemplation time. Katie is on my mind again and Mom still hasn't put together her album. I guess her human friends are important, too.
Mom was clever this night, letting me roam the kitchen while she got ready for bed instead of putting me right into my confined bed from outdoor last call. This seemed to help me appreciate the plush bed that is for my overnight sleep.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday with Mom!

Another 'costume' for you--hope I'm getting you in the mood for Halloween (and maybe Christmas, too...)!
10/19/09 Well, I really blew my perfect record today! After Mom's thinking erroneously that I needed to go out in the middle of the night, she put me outside this a.m. and I still wasn't moved to go. Therefore when she brought me in I did a puddle on the floor--at least I missed any of the rugs...
Good thing Mom got her walk early, before the wind began blowing because her head seemed to be affected all the rest of the day. She let me stay outside longer than usual instead of my walk. Good thing I don't seem to have the same kind of allergies.
At bedtime the "jack-in-the-box" label would have been appropriate. It seems to be becoming a habit for me to not want to stay in my bedroom bed at bedtime. Poor Mom does everything she can think of to help me want to go to sleep so she gets pretty frustrated when nothing works, since she's ready for 'light's out'. I think it might have something to do with being confined after having my freedom in the kitchen all day long. Picking up on that, Mom put me back in my bed off the kitchen. Then either I get the message and want to go to bed in 'our' bedroom or I've gone so soundly to sleep that she can carry me to bed for what usually turns out to be a good all night sleep.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Long week end with Mom!

Black Jack: Now here's a truly "freaky" thought--TWO of me...? But then again...I've been such a 'cool dude' maybe that wouldn't be all bad >ha
10/16-18/09 Having gone outside to relieve myself, I was still asleep after Mom's brisk walk. Sometimes she uses such discipline that her procrastination at other times seems out of character. I'm just glad I'm not so hard to figure out--the simple life suits me just fine. And yet there are times that I see Mom intently tyring to know what's going on with me so she can make my life better than it is. Sometimes she tries so hard I see her putting her hand to her head as if it hurts. I would never want to cause anyone pain, especially Mom. So I just keep on trying to get the message across that all is well exactly as it is.
Late in the morning, after we both had all our duties under control, I got to go for my walk. It was way too hot to stay out too long--the black topped road tends to get a bit warm for my feet. So we cut it short which suited me just fine. Upon occasion Mom has people stop to talk about me saying, "poor thing". You see, since my hind legs are a bit wobbly I suppose one might think I'd been inbibing or full of arthritis the way I go backward & forward, round in circles, and even fall down--sometimes not even able to get up without Mom's help. I guess Mom is the only one who needs to know that I'm really happy, healthy and feel just fine about everything. Heck, I don't even feel embarrassed or ashamed or any of those other human emotions when any of this stuff happens. Mom tends to get defensive when anyone says anything less than pleasant especially about me--isn't that also a silly reaction...
The rest of the week end didn't seem too significant, just a scrubbing (happy to report ony one), another walk, Mom at the computer but taking plenty of time to love on me and notice when I need anything. I'm doing my best to communicate more clearly with her for some of my needs. And after all these years, unless she's too busy, we're doing way better. It just could have something to do with my age and her realizing she won't have me around for too much longer.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/15/09 Yes, enjoying my moments one by one is a very pleasant way to live--the 'costumes' not so much (especially the ruffles)... Guess I'd have to admit the very bestest moment was getting it OFF!
What a hectic morning, with all the computer nonsense and hustling to feed & care for me before Mom got to go out for some well-deserved 'play time'. About the time I thought I was going to be ignored all day long, Mom & I spent some quality 'cuddle time'. By this time, since Mom had had her fun time and messed around with business and computer fun, our Arizona fall had become too warm for our walks.
It really seems strange to me that our humans insist on trying to pack way too many activities into their days. I wonder just how important all the busy-ness really is in the bigger picture. I find being fully in every moment is a relaxing and comfortable way to live--no plans, no worries just complete trust in a more powerful being.
Both Mom and I slept like babies--love it when that happens.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

Now THIS is a scary picture--our monkey rug/pillow has come down with the dreaded Jack caused food-blotches!!
10/14/09 Mom was at her computer again this morning before I even thought about getting up. I skipped breakfast and wasn't really too much into my 'news seeking' walk--although there was some news today. Since I seemed reluctant, Mom cut it short and took me back to finish my breakfast.
In the evening the doorbell rang and it was the nice couple who 'adopted' and now love one of Mom's other "kids"--our 1984 Dodge convertible that she had had for 25 years (even longer than me!). They wanted to return her license plate and give her a ride with the top down but she was already in her robe. I'm so very glad Mom has never once considered finding me a new home; I feel very secure and loved right where I am.
I couldn't get settled in right away but it didn't take long for me to get the idea when she put me in the kitchen by myself again for a few minutes. Later I remained restless because I just needed to go out once more--and it was a quiet, peaceful night once Mom figured that out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/13/09 I awakened early today and really enjoyed my walk. There were lots of "newspaper smells". When Katie walked with us, Mom used to say she had to read every word (which required more of Mom's extraordinary patience) while I could enjoy quickly 'reading' just the headlines. Now it takes me a bit longer to get the general gist of what's been going on while I was gone.
I had a banana piece snack today. Both Mom and I had forgotten I liked it. She tried an apple later, but that didn't turn me on so much (of course after giving it a good effort. Today I needed my ear cleaned again--getting used to it I suppose.
Poor Mom sneezed through the morning even though she did get to take her walk and go out for more food for me, too. Then I could tell she just didn't feel on top of her game the rest of the day. I felt so sorry for her that I tried not to have to go out to use the 'facilities' all night long. But that made me toss and turn about every two hours which of course disturbs her sleep. Finally very early in the morning she did take me outside and then I went soundly back to sleep, although sadly she couldn't. You see, as has always been my nature (like Mom's) I try sometimes too hard to please others and make those around me happy & comfortable. All this trying to communicate and help Mom get the bigger messages truly can be exhausting sometimes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/11/09 Up really early. I went back to sleep while Mom kept busy on the computer. It's really interesting to notice that the way she copes with losing one thing from her life is to find a new project that makes her engrossed and happy. Without her regular work she just dived right into her photo projects. I'm not giving up until she includes photos of Katie on this Facebook thing.

I never did get my walk today since I was so sound asleep when Mom got back from hers, she thought I'd rather sleep. Today my meal was special since Mom blended hamburger and sweet potatoes then mixed that with some of my canned food--I believe she was running out of my canned food but never mind the reason, it was tasty.

I think after more time on the phone that Robyn, Jim & Mom got the business problems solved. Seems there is always something happening to make things more spicy tough. So at least with that one resolved, we had yet another really peaceful night.

My holiday outfit today is way too 'girlie' for me but Mom needed a model for this coat, too. Hope you guys are enjoying my doggie fashion show.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/10/09 Mom got up really early and worked at the 'problem'. Then she kept me company as I slept while she was changing the bed linens. I awoke before she was finished. Today she gave me a whole 1/2 can of food for breakfast. Think it's so she doesn't have to blend and store as much--and then I can decide how much I need/want to eat, anyway. Didn't finish the whole can...
It was a really, really laid back day. But Mom was very busy on the computer creating stuff to share again. I believe it was photos so she and her freinds can remember fun days from the past. I finally talked her into also creating an album for Katie when she gets a chance. Afterall, Katie was as big a part of her life (and mine) as anything in her life. After more than 15 years we never bonded closely but that's a very long time in 'dog years' to have a constant companion. It would be hard not to have her 'in one's blood' so to speak.
10/11/09 What a great morning. We both were up at a decent hour and didn't rush to do much of anything. Our walk could be a bit later since the weather isn't quite so warm these days. In fact I used the don't-eat-and-stare-at-Mom technique to be sure she didn't get too busy to take me.
Later Mom got on the phone with Auntie Robyn & Jim to figure out the business problem but after a very long time they still didn't get it fixed. Needless to say the rest of the evening was even more relaxing since now Mom couldn't even work on the computer sending messages or pictures. It if stays this way maybe she can get Katie's album done which would give her lots of joy.
It's been a great two days with no wet floors and lots of good sleep even though Mom's nose is still acting up now and then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday with Mom!

10/09/09 Mom had to talk to Auntie Robyn for a very long time first thing this morning. Think it had something to do with the problems from the night before. Then Mom got to go out with a friend again. Later she awakened me from my morning nap for my walk. When she does that, I'm really disoriented and it sure does take me a long time to get my bearings--going back and forth and in circles which requires lots of patience from Mom. Finally I got in gear and enjoyed a bunch of 'newsy' smells. I guess lots goes on 'out there' while I'm sleeping.
Wasn't too fond of the food Mom served today but finally finished it late. Seems after walking later than usual the rest of my schedule was all delayed, too. It looked like I wasn't going to settle down after last call, so Mom put me in the kitched. It didn't take me long to figure out I'd rather be in my bed in her bedroom with her than wandering around in the kitchen. We both got another good night's sleep.
Since it's hard for me to find my 'real' bed these days I ended up on this cushion today. It looks sort of like it belongs to this holiday, don't you think?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/8/09 In spite of feeling a bit under the weather, Mom knew she'd feel better if she got out and walked. It wasn't windy, just brisk so she did so. I had to wait ...I know Mom had good intentions...then the darn wind kicked up again, so I didn't get to go today. When will these humans learn that sometimes things just don't get done if they are put off too long. But since I 'go with the flow' so well, being a dog and all, not a problem. I just slept and dreamt of happy, active days.
Mom cooked something today that smelled really good, but she didn't share any of it with me. Think it was something to help her feel better.
I wandered the kitchen after eating dinner waiting for my bedtime cookie...exhausted myself again. Then Mom had a business crisis on her computer, was talking to Robyn & Jim, the phone didn't do what they wanted and right in the midst of it all I made a big puddle in the middle of the kitchen on which I was 'skating'! I was proud of Mom to--after a while--laugh that things fell apart so quickly and thoroughly.
Today's outfit is a southwest coat that Mom designed, sort of remembering Arizona when we were living in Nebraska I think. Katie looked pretty cool, too in another version of the same coat. Really amazing how inventive Mom can be with just about any medium, this time a small blanket someone didn't want anymore.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

10/7/09 Well! Mom had to put two coats on me this morning again, but not from the cold this time, because it was raining. Needless to say not only because it drizzled on and off most of the day, but because Mom had to run errands and bring home more bags of groceries, neither of us got our walks.
I was less sleepy today and so when dinnertime came, finishing the last of a whole can of food that tasted so good, I kept falling asleep with my nose in my dish or hitting the floor.
I could tell Mom wasn't feeling quite herself again so I reluctantly agreed to share some of my costumes with you. I figure that you humans enjoy dressing us pets up during this time of year so much that it might cheer her up. Sure don't get why putting clothes on us animals makes you laugh so much. And what's with dressing even the little people up in funny clothes and visiting ones neighbors with hands out. Humans and their customs seem very strange indeed.
I'm so glad when Mom has a rough night it doesn't bother me a bit, other than feel sorry that she couldn't breathe quite well enough to sleep soundly. I was so happy I could be relaxed enough to even let her hold me in her arms before bedtime. I loved it so much I got into a deep sleep that probably helped me sleep better all night long. Guess this support stuff works both ways.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday with Mom!

10/6/09 Well my perfect 'no pee' record from yesterday was smashed to smithereens this morning after Mom left me out way long enough to have done it, along with the other. I guess I must have been shivering too hard to do the job even with two coats on.
Then very quickly it really warms up here in AZ--almost too hot for the second walk today--Mom's. But then these temps are why we live here I've heard. Quite frankly it works much better for both of us when we do get our walks. I don't really exert any effort when I'm sitting outside (which really, works for me actually since I'm not "into" aerobics) and I observed Mom yesterday procrastinating, finding lots of things to do before indoor exercising. Interesting how those "should's" sure do plague our humans.
Although we dogs live with no worries or regrets, I've noticed that another human trait seems to be feeling grateful and not taking good things for granted. That guy Pete (my 'blog buddy') reminded me how wonderful my Mom is and how lucky I am to have her as my Mom. I think I ought to introduce the two of them since they seem to think alike!
After supper Mom sprayed some stuff on my bedtime cookie that's supposed to help keep my mouth healthy. It also helped soften the chewy so I could enjoy it more--a double blessing.
Wonderful sleep again; sure hope we can stay on this roll.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday with Mom!

10/6/09 Today allergens were blowing in the wind so Mom opted to exercise inside which left me to my sleep/dreaming. On days like this I appreciate that she lets me stay outside to enjoy the out of doors as long as I want. I sure do value the warmer dog clothing she puts on me when it’s colder like it has grown because since the days my beautiful silky black hair began thinning I seem to get cold easily and continue shivering for a long time without proper cover. This is one of my two of my winter coats. The stripes glow in the dark and it has a pocket on the back to carry a cookie or something I guess. It doesn’t quite cover my behind since I got my extra long body from my canine mother, Sassi, but I can make it work.

Pretty uneventful day. During these long naps I once again get to re-do all my former play and tricks... and remember the people/dog person that I was.

Once again Mom didn't get my bedtime cookie to me in a timely fashion and I got to use my yawn/question voice to remind her. Worked again. too.

I'll bet I get a gold star, extra cookie bite or lots of loving from Mom for sleeping so well and so long tonight.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week end with Mom!

10/3/09 Mom had walked long before she awoke me today. Then she got busy so I refused to eat, sat in the middle of the kitchen floor staring at her and hanging my head, pretty much employing all the communication skills that I've always been so well known for, until she took me for MY walk. Of course what she was busy doing was MY laundry. And her day remainded full of activity--she even went out and brought back food for me.
About the time she was going to soak in a hot tub, I decided to get up from my long afternoon nap.
I'm finding that the new dish is helping me realize I have plenty of freedom in my 'familiar' kitchen so I don't have to wish I could get past the barricades any more.
As Mom was trying to relax later, I got impatient waiting to go out and then have my bedtime cookie and just had to speak up! I used my yawn/question mark voice and it worked. Tonight was another really good sleep.
10/4/09 Today we both slept in, me longer than Mom of course. It felt downright cold this morning. Mom even put a warmer jacket on me. It was cloudy and spitting and then the sun came out off and on. Again today Mom found even more to be done, actually doing some cleaning and household organizing. She made some 'juicy' smells, but she didn't share any 'people food' with me this time--must have been food not quite appropriate for dogs.
I really pigged out at dinnertime. Maybe that's why even after being outside a really long time, I still came inside and caused another mopping session for Mom. Hate when that happens, but then we just move on. And yes, I was a bit restless but did my best to settle in especially for Mom.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday with Mom!

10/2/09 Even before I got up this morning, Mom had been shopping, as I noticed the kitchen counter was laden with more stuff. Speaking of 'stuff', I just don't get what these humans find so fascinating about accumulating things. They even lavish dog toys (clothes and other paraphernalia, too) on us, when we'd be just as happy to chew & play with a green bean, grasshopper or stick. Heck, we're even content to do absolutely nothing, which I seldom see human folks enjoying. My walk was awesome on this crisp morning. Mom went out again in the afternoon and returned with even more packages, believe it or not, but I suspect a couple of them are for me this time. Seems I'm always on Mom's mind when she is shopping...and most of the rest of the time too, I suppose.
I must admit what happened before bedtime was sti-i-i-nky! Looks like something may not have agreed with me... Necessitated another major cleanup, so bedtime was again delayed. Poor Mom, I know how much she hates housework and especially this kind. The other kitchen rug might just need washing, too...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thursday with Mom!

10/1/09 Mom was hustling about this morning getting ready to leave me when I had an accident on the kitchen floor. So she had to really rush then to get the floor scrubbed and not be late. Susan came over to see me, though, so the day turned out okay.
When Mom got back (which I have to remember she always does...) she had her arms full of packages. Seems she went shopping and I could feel that she was thrilled about something. Turns out her excitement was over the new dish she got me--even more than the clothes she had purchased for herself! It's so fun to know she went out and had some fun especially when it lasted and spilled over to me. The new dish seemed to work for me right away. I can even push it where I want it without being afraid the food or water might spill. And it's nice have access to water now all the time instead of making Mom guess whether I'm thirsty or not. All in all, hopefully this nifty purple dish will make life easier for both of us.
It was so wonderful to get a peaceful night's sleep and also to know that Mom did as well.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday with Mom!

9/30/09 It was way dark and windy when I had to go outside this morning. We tried going back to bed but it didn't work. Mom began on the little box and put me near her. I seem to be wandering around more and more with my eyes wide open because I'm just seeing less and less. And my hind legs aren't working so well lately, besides--Day told Mom when she was here she sensed that was the case. Last night I found myself actually scooting my rear end on the slick kitchen floor to keep up with my front legs. Wonder what we could do about this? Well, if there's something that will help I know Mom's creativity will uncover it.
Today Mom was here all day with me, but when she has been gone I try to keep closer to her and so require more hands on comforting or reassurance for a while. Since she didn't get much sleep last night, I noticed she was really tired--even her morning walk didn't seem to perk her up as it usually does. I think she finds it both disturbing and tiring to watch me wander around as if I'm lost. Once again I want to somehow make her understand there's nothing bothering me and all I want to do is be near her. I need for her to be sure to take good care of herself for both of us.
Mom told me that my friend Susan is coming to see me tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that!
What a night! Don't know how I keep myself wandering, sometimes staggering, around for hours on end. It's too bad some of those hours are when Mom really, really needs her sleep! Last night, at wit's end, through teary eyes she said a little prayer for an answer. Almost immediately she came up with the idea to put me in my kitchen area so I could either wander or sleep at will. Well, can't say I liked it very much and after about 1 more hour of wandering I just had to cry out for Mom. She put me back in my bed beside hers and I slept.