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Monday, July 20, 2009

$$ Deposit for today!


Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

July 20, 2009

Deposit into YOUR account: $131,000 - One hundred thirty-one thousand Dollars

Living in PEACE

“QUIET TRUST” is a phrase John Randolph Price used in a talk I heard a few years ago.

And his wife told of when she first learned that surrounding in light really DOES protect when she surrounded even her garbage cans so the neighbor’s dog wouldn’t get into them!

John said they do a weekly “radar sweep” to uncover ANY conflict, bad feelings, feelings of insufficiency, lack etc. in order to ‘change their minds’, BELIEVE and live again in PEACE. He added that once we’re clear in this way we discover that there really is PLENTY of everything--even money!

They suggest listing (which is even more powerful than speaking them) their intentions is critical for manifesting their desires. They list even ‘mundane’ things (like fixing the deck, wanting to drive a new car for the summer, etc.) because Spirit will do that work for us, too.

Their constant statement is “I do all things for the glory of God!” And when we think about raking the yard, dealing with large companies, etc., that puts a whole new slant on things, huh?!

Interesting idea: any good desires cannot come from the ego! That seems to relieve some of the ‘pressure’ to figure out whether the ego or the mind is ‘speaking’…

Mr. Price adds that only in the quiet of meditation can we communicate with spirit. Meditation means ENJOYING quieting the mind for this communication, however it works for each person. He GUARANTEES if we allow our spirits to speak to us/guide us in meditation and 'work' the Laws of the Universe with our intentions and affirmations, miracles HAVE to happen... Let’s ‘quietly trust’ this is TRUE!

LET’S KEEP “WORKING THE LAWS”!!! By being grateful for the small things, they multiply and grow!

SO Mr. Randolph suggests THIS affirmation:

“In joy I go within to my quiet place where Spirit reveals to me the life it chooses.

All my written intentions happen easily and effortlessly because my ego is no longer in control.

I now go forth in quiet trust to live my life for the glory of God” (OR whatever works for each of us)!

With quiet trust let’s spend ALL of our $131,000 deposit knowing we are always and in all ways loved and taken care of!

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