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Monday, January 17, 2011

Black Jack's BUTTERFLY reminding us love never dies!

On 9/14/10 the butterflies were orange and plentiful!! Today my boy sent one lone messenger! Shortly after he died in August, Black Jack sent a heart shaped cloud & sunshine yellow butterflies as messengers for me and finally these golden ones. The entire time he was in his body, he was always “flitting about” --one of the “busiest” little beings I’d ever met. Since he’s told me he’s just that busy now in his new life, I’m grateful that he once again took the time to give me a ‘high five’ by sending only ONE beautiful orange/golden butterfly again today—in the middle of January, NO other butterflies to be seen anywhere. I'm taking that as a sign that my pets are loving their speaking through me with my blogging AND OF COURSE that love simply never dies!

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