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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


10/12/10 I have now adopted one of Black Jack's golden yellow butterfly friends--wounded! As you can see his wings just don't work right. I found him on Monday morning 10/11 trying valiantly to fly from my back patio. Right away I took him out to the weeds in the field where they like to play. Since it's getting colder at night I was concerned but he was still clinging in the same spot the next morning, wings folded to the side. All day Tuesday I 'worried' over him, bringing him in out of the heat and sun attached to a branch of the plant he was perched on. When I could safely do so, he went back outside in the shade and this morning he was still in the same condition.
He's inside again, this time on one of my misted houseplants. I feel helpless to try to 'fix' his broken wings and was pretty sad about that on Monday. The average butterfly lifespan is 2 to 14 days...up to 3 weeks... some live to 11 months and the Monarch a year... female butterflies have longer lives than males... I wonder how long I will be graced with his/her presence? AND I wonder what the message is...

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