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Monday, November 15, 2010

At last another message from BLACK JACK!

11/15/10 Another long awaited message from my precious boy, BLACK JACK! Day was here again this afternoon and shared with me that he always knows when she’s coming to give me my massage. Today during her drive, she was deep in thought, wondering if she’d made a wise choice in her life (similar to the difficult choice I had to make to help Jack leave his aged body 3 months ago). He came to her with the gift of comforting rapturous warmth, love, happiness.
She knew it was not only an affirmation that she had done the loving thing but also a message for his Mom, too. He wanted to remind me how blissfully happy he is and most importantly that I never forget how much he will forever love me. I always made sure in my lifetime with him that he was comfortable, cozy and warm in winter and so he was now returning that magnificently soothing, reassuring feeling to both of us. What more could a mother wish for…?

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