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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mackenzie's art

Meet MACKENZIE who is deeply missed even having passed three years ago…

In his words: (3/9/11) ‘Through our very special mutual friend, Day, Mom Nancy & Judy met in March to discuss Judy’s doing artwork of me. My mom had a specific picture in her mind but no photo exactly depicting that. So with lots of snapshots and the best description she could verbalize, Judy was left to ‘do her thing’.

As is her creative way, Judy needed to ‘be with’ the idea and photos long enough that something ‘gelled’. But finally, I couldn’t wait any longer, so a couple of weeks later I woke Judy, gently prodding her to make arrangements to get together with my Mom Nancy again to clarify and finalize the design plans for my memorial drawing so the artwork could begin taking form.

Just days later, Judy met with Nancy.

Then later in the month, Judy & I had some alone time together so I could show her the way to shut my mouth which I had open in the mature photo Mom had chosen and make my eyes more round and soulful as my Mom & Dad remember me.

Additions, changes and suggestions like background, colors, etc. are never easy for an artist so work was slow since Judy always wants to be ‘led’ by her subject—me, in this case. I made sure that neither my Mom nor I pushed her.

On Mother’s Day I finally helped Judy want to work on the drawing for my Mom and great progress was made.

Then, gone for 3 years in June, I urged Judy to complete the drawing for my precious ‘Mom & Dad’. When they saw it, they were both well pleased. We all were a great team—my making sure no one pressured her even though we were excited for its completion and Judy being sure to work only when inspired.

Mom wrote on facebook, “Judy Nelson, the artistic genius, blessed us with a magnificent drawing of our Mackenzie, today. He is depicted as the ‘doodlebug’ (as we had named him) when he was a baby and his ‘goodbye’ pose, turning to look at us one last time before going to the bridge. We are eternally grateful for the time and love Judy devoted to doing this for us. I want [all my ‘friends’] to see how totally beautiful this is, although…much more spectacular in person... We can't stop staring at it.
[Judy] you are so special to us… have made us so's like getting a little piece of Mackenzie back........he'll be looking at us from the wall every day! We will be doing Carlin and Minnie next for sure!!!!”’

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