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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Max's story: FOREVER HOME


Lately the urge to share our story has been relentless so I must take action in order to sleep restfully again. For over 2 months, Max has graced my life with his presence. Each of those days I’ve marveled at his gentle, loving, joyful, intelligent and yes, even timid way of being, saying aloud to him, “How could I ever possibly love you more?”…and then I do!


I'd been feeling pretty alone and wondering how to give my life more meaning, longing to share the love I know I have to offer. One day in October I was disheartened that no homeless dog's photo was touching me and I still wasn't sure about the 'old age' commitment.
Then, on October 16, a good facebook friend, Mel, posted a photo of her foster dog Lady saying I'd be a good mom and praising shelties, so I just decided to 'browse'. I kept landing on Max no matter what site I went to--hard to put my finger on exactly what singled Max out (or how he ‘found’ me). I could try to analyze it--beauty, size, age, male (after Black Jack)/my infinite patience--or perhaps down deep we simply knew we needed each other most...but regardless, there was an unmistakeable pull. Even after doing some homework on shelties & being told of Max's rough start with resulting “issues”, I still felt the same.
The write up on ‘Petfinder’ described Max as…young, shy, in foster care for the last year--socializing him…was in pretty poor shape but has made strides…still very shy, does much better with the foster mom than dad…very curious with other dogs…should be fine with cats…uncertain about kids…best in a quiet home with patient family…housetrained, uses dog door (to escape the foster dad or unwanted advances)…can be a barker when people come or go…a gentle soul, no indications of fear biting.

Instead of letting my head stop me with the 'what if's' I was able to allow my heart to lead in a stronger way.

I inquired about him…

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