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Thursday, February 28, 2008

First HAPPY AND HEALTHY.COM 'meeting'!!

Good afternoon!!
This morning as I prepared myself to attend a neighborhood party the concept of HAPPY AND HEALTHY.COM was born.
It seems like many people are diagnosed these days with some type of chronic pain and sadly it appears that many of them define themselves by the degree of that pain. Therefore they get to have a 'society' into which I do not fit, never having experienced any real chronic pain and having avoided labeling myself. As I thought more about this I realized there are many societies based on similar dis-eases from addictions to abuse. While these are very valuable sources of support, I couldn't help but wonder where all the societies founded upon the Universal Laws are--at least locally. Could be just that I stay close to home and Spirit a bit too much...
Nevertheless, for those of us who focus on our chronic happiness and health there seems to be little support. So today I invite you my online family of friends to join me in the first meeting of the HAPPY AND HEALTHY.COM "support group"!
I'll go first... Recently a neighbor whom I've considered a very good friend for the past 6 years suddenly died. Letting my shock, sorrow and grief be a healthy reaction, I reached out to supportive friends finally realizing so much more about myself and even forging a closer bond with my fellow neighbors. While Dick will be sorely missed, his good works and kind, loving ways will live on because of the richness with which he blessed our lives and the neighborhood. And isn't this really what living is all about??
Since I really DO get weary of hearing myself 'talk' and knowing that an exchange of ideas is not only fun but enlightening, please send me your thoughts about what's happening for you either positive or not so positive that you've been able to see the Good in. Just post a comment that I will add as an entry if you wish--or email me with your thoughts. LET'S GET THIS HAPPY AND HEALTHY.COM "SUPPORT GROUP" GOING!!
I invite us all to look deeply at our blessed lives or seemingly difficult circumstances, getting to the Truth that lies beneath. Then as we all know so well, by focusing on that Truth we enlarge the joy and no longer can see the difficulties as impossible obstacles but mere hurdles from which we can even choose to learn and grow. AND just think how much easier it will become with others pulling in the 'right' direction with and for much more really HAPPY AND HEALTHY life will be!
Much love,
P. S. I HATE "rules" however let's begin with just two--no advice unless expressly asked for and no 'you' statements (just our own experiences). Thanks!

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