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Friday, February 29, 2008


Happy new day!
Today I happened to glance at our free newspaper headlines which drew me in--I was only looking for news of my friend's passing...
Our high desert community is normally pretty uneventful as far as news goes. Now, however I find that an entire new subdivision has been abandoned by its builders with no communication, leaving homeowners 'holding the bag'.
And another article describes a road rage killing in our Safeway parking lot!
What do we do with news like this? I don't find it easy to immediately see the Good in news like this. However introspection reminds me that even these things are in some sort of Divine Order, that those involved are right where they need to be just as I would be were I the one involved. This seems unfair and unlikely, but believing it helps soften the blows and I can then get past the anger or frustration and send love to them instead.

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