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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


***Black Jack: I know she is wondering if I will let go soon; tell her I will be here for a while yet, I am not quite ready to let go. I like my body, even if it is a bit tired and not so strong as it used to be. I like being in it, it is a good body. It’s small, it can go places [he shows me going under furniture, under bushes, under your legs when you’re sitting down, etc.], and I’m close to the ground so I can really, really smell the dirt! I like the Earth smell, it’s very strong and rich [he conveys the smell to me, and how different things – plants, trees, bushes, grass, weeds, etc. – each have their own particular smell. He can parcel out each smell from the other, even at his advanced age. He likes the Earth smell, and the smell of nature.]
**I will let her know that, thank you. Is there completion needed between you two so that you can move on out of your body?
***No, not completion; just a sense of enjoyment of these last days, however long they may be, Kat. I don’t have any rush or hurry in me to let go; I am enjoying my time as Black Jack [i.e. in that body] for as long as I am able. I don’t want her to think that she should allow me to dwindle to nothing, for that is not to my style or liking. But it would be okay for me to go on my own when I am ready, or if she thinks it is time to help me because I am struggling or suffering – especially suffering – then I ask that she help me. I don’t want to struggle, I am rather tired much of the time and so it would be a big effort for me to get out of my body on my own, I think. [I then conveyed to him the idea of him slipping from his body during sleep, just letting go if that is to his liking]
[He thinks on that] But, then again! I may just be able to do that, I could go quietly, I see it does not need to be a struggle.
**No, no struggle at all, Black Jack. You can go in your sleep, you can go when you’re awake, you can go whenever you like. It is up to you. And of course, if you need assistance, I think Judy would be okay with helping you with that. I have not talked with her about that, but I will let her know that you are open to that, should you seem to be suffering or struggling to get out of your body. Is that acceptable to you?
***Yes, Kat, of course, very much so. [he conveys that he would like to be able to let go on his own, but definitely if you sense he is struggling or more importantly suffering in his body, he would like the assistance. That is up to you, however, as to whether you feel comfortable with making that decision.]
**I’ll let Judy know.

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