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Monday, March 8, 2010


**KAT: So no unfinished business between you two?
***BLACK JACK No, I am just enjoying my time with her, most importantly I am enjoying the Love we feel for each other and show to each other every day. It is very necessary for me to be here for a little while yet, because Judy is getting used to the idea of my not being here in my body some day. She is quite ready but I think her heart is still adjusting a bit. So I am here for a while, I do not want her to have big big grief when I let go of my body. I want her to feel comfort and peace, and to trust and know that I am okay, that she is okay, that it is ALL okay.
Judy has learned about letting go and releasing many things over the time we have spent together in these bodies. She has learned so much, and it’s good learning, very good learning. She has been helpful to many others in them learning to do the same thing, by seeing her as an example of how to keep shifting and moving forward with life. Humans sometimes struggle with change, with adjusting to what is rather than what one wants it to be. That’s okay; they need to do that, to learn to be stronger in themselves, to learn to more graciously accept the change, and to realize that the change is a good thing! It’s always a good thing, there is always benefit to it. Maybe not recognizable at first, but it’s there, it’s in there for them.
Judy doesn’t struggle so much with change now, she is very good about going forward with what is before her. I am very proud of her for this! And she also has gotten very good at taking care of her heart, and her body, and her well-being. This pleases me, greatly, and I know I do not need to help her so much with all of that, she is doing well for her Self in those areas. So please tell her I am happy for her, that she is taking good care of her, as much as she takes good care of me.
** I will do that, Black Jack.

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