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Monday, May 17, 2010

The latest in the Black Jack saga...

New 'wrinkle' in care giving for 'ancient' dogs...
Finally having gotten a working arrangement for both of us to get some sleep I got quite a start the other night. After last call, Black Jack settles in (usually) to his comfy bed away from Mom's room because he tosses so much during the night. This bed is 1/2 a good size dog crate with the entrance blocked. For a long while he has been unable to get out of it on his own so I had no worries. As has become the habit I awoke around 2 a.m. to take him out for his mid-night relief--I really hate wet beds and I'll bet he does, too. Well HE WASN'T THERE! In my half-awake state that was pretty startling. THEN I wondered where in the entire house he might have gotten himself trapped--under a bed or behind what furniture, like he used to do when still allowed to wander. Finally I found him. He had somehow gotten back to the utility room corner to do his 'business' (both) then ended up wedged under a chair that has a bar just the right height to hang his head over. Sad sight, but he was sound asleep in this position.
Attributing human reasoning to him, he must have just wanted to avoid his discomfort and my dismay in having to change and wash his bedding again--LOL!

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