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Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Recently I mentioned to a friend that I’m not sure what’s next in my life after my beloved 19 year old dog decides to leave his body. He suggested the book by Lynn Grabhorn, Excuse Me, Your LIFE Is Waiting.

Well, I had decided NO MORE ‘self help’ books but because he’s such a like-minded friend I checked it out online. Looked good, so I ordered one, then another (that I’ve already given to a friend).

It’s based on the LAW OF ATTRACTION of which Abraham long ago made us aware. While those readings through the Hicks family seemed logical and simple to me even then, they felt just too vast for me to become a serious student.

Well, Lynn, in her humorous and down to earth style has blended them with her own life experiences into this palatable (even enjoyable) book.

She claims (and I think we’d all agree) this simple ‘key’ is the “greatest missing link [from all the other ‘self-help’ literature out there] to life and living ever known to mankind!”

How could I NOT share with you all?!

Today I just happened to be reading about how we really CAN help turn the economy and world situation around—which of course includes our individual financial circumstances as well!!

Here’s part of what she writes (paraphrased in part)…

I absolutely know you’ve noticed like I have, that in bad times all we seem to hear, everywhere we go, is how bad, bad, bad things are. Even in good times we humans tend to enjoy complaining, don’t we—prices too high, corporations too greedy, government incompetent, etc.? EVERY NEGATIVE WORD OUT OF OUR MOUTHS IS “MAKING IT BIGGER, STRONGER, AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN IT WAS BEFORE [WE] STARTED BAD-MOUTHING IT”!

We may feel we had nothing to do with the condition it appears the world is in right now, but THAT’S NOT TRUE. Each of us is a part of the mass consciousness flow—everything we think and feel has had and continues to have a monumental impact whether we believe it or not.

As difficult as it may seem we MUST ‘flow some Feel Good energy’ to the situation—simply seeing things as we know they are meant to be.

This very simple key works 100% of the time whether for: The economy,

Global conflicts & gang wars,

Moral issues,

Mass killings,

AND our own financial situation,

As well as all else ‘bad’ personal or world wide that appears to be true!

Of course I highly recommend this book if it ‘speaks’ to you.

From The Quartus Report, Charlene Bradshaw (whose husband served in the military, willing to give his life for our freedom) reinforces this formula (again paraphrased in part)…

She says, “Our role in all of this from the human standpoint is nothing…until disagreements are resolved within the consciousness that created them, each situation will continue toward its just end or until there is the spiritual awakening of the collective mind.”

“While all this ‘drama’ continues”, she goes on, “we are not to pray for good to overcome evil, as this thought places us in the framework of duality. We are to rise above duality, come together in mind and heart with one another…go within and up to that highest frequency in consciousness, release the Light, Love and Energy...” and see only what we know CAN be.


simply by FEELING GOOD!!!!!!!!!

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