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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special report from BLACK JACK!

6/9/10 I wanted to report that I made sure Day told Mom I did not want to go to Flagstaff with her on Tuesday. Although I never have made that trip with her I needed to be sure I was at home that day. I was happy that Susan came to visit--still love those belly rubs!
Truth is, I have been realizing that his old body just isn't serving me--lots of things just don't seem to work any more. So I thought maybe Tuesday would be a good day to leave the body behind. So I went to sleep more soundly than usual a couple of times during the day. When Mom awakened me upon her return, I was as limp as a rag which disturbed her just a tad. But I've reconsidered and dug into my food that evening, eating almost my usual full can of yummy dog food--then slept again like a baby last night (after the usual preliminary restlessness).
Sorry to say I'm having more accidents that Mom has to clean up and seems I require more help. I sure do appreciate all the special care & attention, but I do keep telling Mom not to worry so much about me!
I've worked through any trepidation I had about leaving, in fact one of my 'Guides' tried to reassure me that I could be with Mom even on the 'other side' but I figure why would I do that when I'm so comfortable being on THIS side! I also know that Mom will be okay, I simply want to 'hang' a bit longer. So I'll go when I'm sure I'm ready, or maybe when my body just wears out completely... I send my love to you my dear friends.

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