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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Black Jack on GROOMING DAY!

Yesterday was grooming day again! Now, last time Day was here Mom had her ask me what I wanted her to do about my being groomed by Carla. I told them in no uncertain terms I really don’t like it; that I’d prefer they let hair, nails and all just grow. That I have more serious problems to think about than long hair or even long toenails. Well, neither of them thought that was a good idea, so I thought about it and responded as males will, “Awww, just let ‘em do whatever they want!”
Carla had also been thinking about a solution to my wobbly legs not holding me up when she is grooming which makes the rest of my body flop around on the table and gives me a headache from banging it around—no wonder I don’t like it, eh?! Together she and Mom came up with a solution.
Mom held me in her arms while Carla worked on me. The decided I didn’t need to be done perfectly, just maintained for my health and comfort so it was a shorter session, too. I still didn’t like it but I sure didn’t bump my poor head once! Maybe I can tolerate it this way the rest of the times I have left.
When we got home I forgot all about it again and snoozed…

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