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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

VISIT from Black Jack!

9/14/10 Today the butterflies are orange and plentiful!!
Yesterday my boy came for a lengthy visit! I had been trying to mask the discouragement that he had sent butterflies and a heart shaped cloud as messengers and nothing from him. And I felt further discouragement when Day said she hadn’t heard from him either. Since he always loved the energy generated during my wonderful massages from Day’s healing hands, however, it is no wonder that in the middle of my massage she had to stop and focus on him. She said he had been listening to our conversation and agreeing with what we were saying—that his life was complete, that were he to have left sooner I might not have taken the time to just focus on Judy (reminding me that he chose to stay to get as much time as he could with me), that he’d really been absent from his body for a long time and so I was not to be upset that I wasn’t experiencing more grief. He was by her right side and then left nearest my head sending warmth and energy that both of us could feel. Day was impressed with how he was flitting about since she’d really never known him in his younger days. It told her that he as one of the “busiest” little beings I’d ever met…which she said makes sense as he described how busy he now is in his new life.
Jack made sure as she had been massaging my feet she looked up where I had arranged ‘his shelf’ on my entertainment center. It makes me feel good that he’s proud of my efforts on his behalf.
Black Jack has a new companion—still the black and white Shih Tzu-looking fella that had visited him while he was still here. We suspect that he may be a ‘soul companion’ from a past life, as I don’t recall him befriending anyone who meets that description in this lifetime. His new buddy is teaching him how he will take on a very important responsibility. He said he didn’t want to go into details more until he learns more, but it has something to do with newborns. Day and I told him he’s perfect for that—to infuse them with his infinite patience and caring ways. We had to reinforce this since he is so humble it was hard for him to accept the compliment.
When Day asked Jack about the yellow butterflies (that Day says she’s never seen in Arizona) he said, “yes, those were my friends.” And the heart-shaped cloud… ”well, I had a little help with that!” So today I must assume that the even more brilliant golden butterflies that demanded my attention again today were still more of his joyful friends, romping in green fields of flowers and blue skies. It was so fun to watch them flitter about together!
Day indicated that the angel who has loved him so much from the beginning of his transition stayed with him until he was ready to reach out and join in the activities on the other side. As in life, he sort of stayed back and observed as if he were a bit uncertain, even though he knew all those around him already. Perhaps he had been so used to just being with me…just being with me—mostly in the background but always there and usually in the same room. So he wanted to be sure I know that while he doesn’t announce his presence like Katie Lou did he visits often just to enjoy ‘hanging out’ with me as before. Now I can be more aware and appreciative of those ‘heart feelings’ that I’ve had all along, knowing it’s actually my boy still communicating his love and support to me.
Day was just in awe that he was so vibrant and could take the time out of his busy schedule in his new life of learning to join us for so long. Finally his pal nudged him that they had to go now…
Was the massage or the message more powerful…?

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