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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Mom’s natural gift for artwork has blessed the human families of our cousins, ancestors and buddies on the other side (sometimes human likenesses, too) for 25 years by preserving our memories on paper or in other mediums. “I get to take credit for that,” quips Bubbles, “since it was her grief and aloneness in my passing that started it all. Sure, she thought it was her own idea, but my image in photos moved her to draw me on paper to help her feel better.” We know her face will be red when we sing our CONGRATULATIONS symphony to her. We are so proud that she always honored that gift with only a few brief ‘detours’—but we were always able to get her back on course.

Now she has another very special love to memorialize with a pencil portrait. Here Mackenzie takes over, saying, “I got my momma and Judy together because I know they’re alike in heart. Seeing Judy’s artwork, my momma knew she wanted Judy to recreate my loving eyes for her to gaze into for the rest of her life. They agreed that it must be inspired (by me) so there’d be no deadline for completion.”

He adds wisely, “Since Judy has an otherwise full life I didn’t begin reminding her (speaking to her) until a couple of days ago and then I was all she could think about!”

“First the design” Mackenzie continues, “Momma wants me drawn as a puppy and also in my final years, standing looking back as if to say a final good-bye. (I may convince her to add a ‘teen’ picture yet…) But with the 2 poses she wants, my face will be pretty small to show my soulful eyes, so I need to help Judy figure out how to do that. Judy seems to be resisting, so I’m working with her to get past her preferences and that her gift really lies in expressions, not so much all the hair I had.”

So,” the rest of the gang concludes, “as is Mom’s way, she’s mulling over the situation/visualizing what needs to be done. This always requires some quiet time, therefore the project has slowed…good thing there’s no time limit. Seems this is the way many artists do their best, most inspired work! We can’t wait to see it finished…no, wait, it’s agreed, no rush—ha ha!”


Nancy said...

This is "Momma" speaking to you and Mackenzie K Chestnut!!! (That's his FULL name!!!) Anyway, MY thoughts (and far be it for mine to be better than my "little man's") are to make his "adult" leaving part of the portrait, as big as it needs to be.......we could throw in a "teenage" picture (ALLRIGHT?!!!) along with the "baby" picture......if that's what he would want. We just want this to be the PERFECT memorial to our boy........and we KNOW that only Judy (with your help of course!!) will be the one to do it.......WHEN she's ready!!!! Momma will give Judy the other picture she's holding.....SOON!!!

Judy said...

Mackenzie knows ‎"Art is often made in abandonment, emerging unbidden in moments of selfless rapport with the materials and ideas we care about." Art & Fear from High Road Artist