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Friday, May 16, 2008

Judy's May Artwork Sharing

Art of the Month Newsletter

May 2008 Vol. 4, Edition 37

“Dogs are a link to paradise…” Unknown


Thanks once again for your continued interest in my artistic gifts and passion for animals, travel and nature

(it’s a pleasure sharing photographs, drawings, egg carvings, urns and more)!

This week my dear friend June passed away. She had also been my most avid art supporter for the entire 18 years that I knew her—sometimes seeming to feel the need to support me with the very many dog drawings I did for her to give to her family during that time. You see, she passed down to her 6 children her compassion for dogs and so the family was known for rescuing innumerable canines.

It seemed touchingly fitting that Susie, her favorite therapy dog was not only with her when she passed but was a guest of honor at her memorial service.

Her love lives on...

Sammy was her very last dog, this drawing was done for her in February 1996.

Please feel free to pass my letter on to others like yourself who enjoy my creations.

As always if you would like your Judith K. Nelson artwork spotlighted, please let me know. I would do a “special edition newsletter” just for you!

If you ever have any questions or might want to ‘brainstorm’, let me know.

Artist Extraordinaire

Judith K. Nelson, aka “Judy”

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