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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday with Mom!

12/4/09 Boy, I'm not liking this cold weather--other than the extra cuddling I'm getting from Mom, that is. She went out to enjoy the company of one of her friends today, but wasn't gone very long. I was snuggled into my bed with my undershirt and a coat on. I had just gotten up when she returned.
It was another day of frustrations for Mom, but she rallied with a special Christmas project and some potentially good news about what could be next for her. She kept an eye on me all the while so we didn't have any accidents at all.
Mom was told it's supposed to get warmer and rain lots in a few days--I'll let you know which I like more, the cold or the rain. I know Mom isn't fond of being cold, thus our staying in all day long today--other than freezing outside for bathroom duty, that is.
I pulled an all nighter--that is I actually slept all night long. And who would want to climb out of a warm bed to go out in the freezing cold and squat? In fact Mom had to put an extra blanket on me in the middle of the night so my bed was extra cozy then.

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