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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday with Mom!

Black Jack:: What is it that keeps me dreaming about better days instead of going there...sort of like many humans do living their lives.
12/15/09 WELL, I sure didn't need my walk was grooming day. I've been wearing clothes so much to keep warm that when they bathed me and put the dryer on me it felt very strange. Then they even made me lie on my side while they worked on me and I really hate not having control enough to stand on my own four feet. I do understand that they are doing it to help make the experience more bearable for me. But as always when it's all over and done, I sure do feel better. All the rest of the day, however, I paced finally settling down pretty swiftly to a night that was only interrupted twice.
12/16/09 Not too much to report as I've got Mom pretty well trained to my schedule by now >chuckle<. It was only sunny off and on so her intentions to hang laundry outside in preparation for our holiday trip were dashed. It's always interesting to see how she fits laundry day into all her computer work that usually lasts toward lunch time without extra activities. I was happy to see her get out there and take her walk as she always feels better afterward. As I sleep more and more I just have to wonder what it is that keeps me dreaming about better days instead of going there... I understand many humans do the same thing living their lives. Sadly for Mom I seem to be needing to get up more times during the night... what can I do about that... always wanting to make life easier for her, not more difficult.

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