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Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday & Thursday with Mom!

Black Jack:: It's about time to put on our Santa suits again!
12/9/09 Just trying to stay warm today... With clouds blocking the sun it feels much colder than it probably is. Neither of us had our walk today. Mom is also trying to stay warm and when her art room warmed up with what sun there was, she finally did some carving on an urn for a change. It's good to see her enjoy her creative gift, but only when she is moved to do it. I know when the love between animals and their humans is involved she is more inclined to get absorbed in her projects.
12/10/09 There was a walk in the clouds and a walk in the sunshine today. Mom chose to bundle up and do the former making my walk much more pleasant. One smell I want to take with me is the crisp dry leaves that people had raked into piles. It reminds me of times gone by. All that exercise and fresh air sure work up this old man's appetite. I finally really chowed down today. In the evening Mom worked on a special surprise Christmas present. She doesn't get too many decorations out any more since we are the only ones here. We had an awesome night...I almost slept the whole night long.

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