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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Living with Mom!

2/27/10 Good morning, everyone! Mom’s been really busy this week but I finally got her to share my picture and some thoughts. What do you think of my latest fashion statement? Pretty sophisticated looking, eh?! ABOUT this new outfit: My coats and bedding were so nasty yesterday I just had to get Mom to wash them, so she found this sweater to put on me in the meantime. I think it’s sorta manly looking, don’t you? Don’t know if you can see the metallic red threads in it but that touch makes me edge on feeling ‘dressed up’! BUT I never really wore it before for several reasons—first, it was my AUNT, Sootei’s! Second, it’s kinda hard to get on and most of all it always bothered my ‘private parts’. Well age and its gravity apparently have kicked in there, too, since it doesn’t seems to no longer give me any problems.
Now I just have to get Mom to post the rest of the thoughts I shared with Kat…
Oh yes, and Mom's the BEST--she actually pureed my bedtime cookies last night since I have such a tough time chewing!

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