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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Black Jack on Mom's SLEEPING solutions!

I'm thinking my days of sleeping in Mom's bedroom may be OVER. I remember a very long time ago that I was able to jump up on the bed and make myself at home (along side Katie Lou). Because she feared I'd try to jump down and seriously hurt myself, Mom began making me sleep in my bed beside hers. Then when I kept getting lost wandering the house in my darkness, she 'closed' my bed so I'd stay there. Sometimes I long for those freedoms, but in the bigger picture I know it's for the best. I’m less confused and I love that it helps Mom have a less stressful life.

And now if I can manage to pee near bedtime for Mom, she sleeps more soundly. However she is so very vigilant that she has been awakening at my every move in order to be there for me should I struggle to change positions or need to relieve myself again during the night. Recently, due to lack of sleep for so long, continuing to maintain her health has been in question--along with her sanity. I've tried to tell her in many ways not to worry or fuss so much over me. If I fall I can usually get up myself even if it takes some effort.

So I'm pleased to report that night before last, seeing this night headed in the same direction, she put me in my 'kitchen bed' so she wouldn't hear me toss and turn. It worked--then when Mom gets up at about 1:30 for her own ‘potty break’, she gets me up and I’m ready to go again, too. Then we can both go back to sleep soundly again until morning—nice we’re so ‘bonded’ that we’re on the same schedule, isn’t it? Not sure I like being awakened from a very sound sleep but the timing is perfect. This could be the perfect solution for this phase of our life together since the same routine worked perfectly last night, too.

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