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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BLACK JACK from the 'other side'...

August 8, 2010, was numerologically a 10 day, about completion and release (one--new beginnings, zero--hidden meanings). This is the day Black Jack was assisted to leave his aging body behind so his spirit could fly free again. It has indeed proven to live up to its symbolism.
Yesterday, August 9, he conveyed to me through Day that he is ‘eating up’ the magnificence on the other side. He was very busy visiting with everyone, taking in all the love. Any pain or fear that he might have been experienced while in his body is completely irrelevant, minute compared to the awe surrounding him.
When he finally takes time to realize he’d better stop by to check up on Mom, I’m told he will be delivering all the love he was unable to physically show in the last few years of his decline.
The angel that was with him before and during his release just won’t leave him yet because she simply loves him too much. Day says she has never seen this happen before. Didn’t we all know he was special?
His lifelong companion, Katie Lou, and he really never bonded in this lifetime so understandably he has said hi to her but they aren’t hanging out together. In fact, the dog pal who visited Black Jack when he was still here is with him. He (or I prefer to think of this new friend as a she..) is white with black markings. I can only think that he must have been smitten with one of the puppies that was born around the time he was.
As for me and new beginnings, everything looks and feels gloriously new to me, too. I’m feeling Black Jack’s presence almost all the time as the partner he was when he was here, but in a deeper more profound way. It’s as if we are both embarking on exciting new adventures separately but together and buoyed up by what we’ve shared and learned from one another.
And hidden meanings…well, I’ll write lots more about that in later reports—all sort of mind boggling. There are no words to express the gratitude I’m feeling for having been blessed with the presence of such a ‘spiritual advisor’ for so many years. I thought to myself today, should I grow tired of the aloneness, I would be doing myself a disservice by not welcoming another wise animal into my life.

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