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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I've been very busy (maybe too busy) since Jack left. I spent about 5 days visiting Robyn & Jim, then a day shopping in Prescott with a friend, another afternoon Sedona with another friend for a very long lunch and finally got to Sedona for the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" (the lessons of which seemed all for ME!). I also rearranged my office area as suggested by Day, my spiritual communicator, and have been finding places for some 'hand me down' home d├ęcor that I brought back me from Jim's—he’s condensing with Robyn and renting his home. I suppose this would called busyness, but sure is fun!
I also finally got Black Jack's ashes home where they belong. I was perturbed at first that they came in a white TIN box with black paw prints on it, until I realized that works better with his personality than the stately wooden box Katie's ashes are in. Now I’m 'perfecting' their special [separate] shelves on my entertainment center. I haven't 'heard' from Black Jack yet but I rather expected that I might not since I feel we had been complete for a very long time. His essence is a part of mine now and I know that on a deep level. It occurred to me that he filled me with so much love there was and is nothing lacking. I miss him of course, but I also know we're BOTH much better off--ESPECIALLY him!
SO I’ve not taken much time yet to just be alone. Instead I’m rather enjoying the 'flying' part for now I guess (like he is…)—consciously being open to what new experience, adventure, life awaits.

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