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Friday, August 13, 2010


Five days later... There are seconds from time to time that I go to the past and the sad way Black Jack’s living & leaving looked to me, but I KNOW that his love is here and so I can immediately come back to the present JOY we both have the opportunity to bask in now. His little body contained SUCH a huge loving soul that now he's free of the heavy body we can all realize this even more.
My two friends who read spirit energy reinforced that so beautifully again today with their unsolicited messages from my boy!! I’m SO grateful.
Day told me she senses Black Jack's presence being with me a lot. The feeling is that he, like I, at this time is redefining his life, learning to enjoy other friendships and activities. His angel who loved him too much to go, left him to his fun immediately after she saw me on 8/9.
Kat wrote…Thank you so much for sharing with me all of the writings and how things went [with Black Jack]...I am so glad you feel free to be Judy, however that plays out for you. Black Jack is most ecstatically happy (still!) to be free, and your timing was just perfect. He is at peace, he feels free as a soul again, not trapped as he was in his body, and he is showing me that he is surrounding you with energy like a spiderweb – a 3-D spiderweb, of Love and Joy energy to brighten your days and give your heart comfort and ease. He is not sad at all – he is joyous, and wants that for you too, and [is] PERFECTLY OKAY with you feeling that way! The Love Lives On, my dear, as we know.
Black Jack is an amazing soul – thank you for the pleasure and honor of knowing him and working with him and you over the years.

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