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Sunday, April 17, 2011

PetWise #10 “Cyber” dog talk?

4/17/11 Over my pb&j today, the kitchen seemed unusually quiet and empty (yes, I actually took the time to sit at the table and force myself to finish chewing before I got up!). I began to realize that as time passes, it’s becoming more and more okay to know there will never be another Bubbles, Katie Lou or Black Jack in this lifetime, but that there will be another with different very special qualities.

Right away, thinking of the company of another pet companion, my pragmatic mind began rolling up my decorative area rugs and covering my white furniture remembering the messiness of canine old age. Then my positive nature kicked in reminding me that there were many, many years needing no precautions such as these.

Strangely it doesn’t feel as if these three are the ones ‘talking to me’. Earlier in the day I’d posted on PET PEOPLE how Target’s tragic murder was making a difference hopefully for thousands of pets who are now brought in to the shelter where the crime was committed. And of course daily I look forward to updates on dear Patrick’s progress, rescued just in time from certain death after unthinkable abuse. So while they aren’t here in body—any of them—it feels as if they are here gently guiding and reassuring me that all is in the ‘right and perfect order’—perhaps sharing their wet, slobbery ‘cyber kisses’, too.

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