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Sunday, April 24, 2011

PetWise #11 Katie Lou’s Angels!

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!

Katie Lou’s Angels!

Next month, my beloved Katie Lou will have been gone for four years. She says it’s time for me to write of her two angels now. It’s comforting to know they were already around her during her illnesses and difficult passing.

When I picked up Katie’s remains, the beautiful little wooden urn made me think of a lovely ceramic angel I had purchased a while before as a possible gift for my daughter. It now sits atop the box as if made for it with another angel and light over it.

The vet’s kind sympathy card was adorned by yet another angel. My friend/pet ‘communicator’ told me that these two angels look just like the ones she saw around Katie before she left. In her last few days I often observed Katie looking up; just looking, not barking (which had become unusual)... Could it have been her angels reassuring her—as they still do me?

Before she passed, Katie had already decided to 'stick around' to be sure I know how much she loves me. Katie's spirit was communicating with me BEFORE she left, too! And it’s fun to know in this way she finally got to display her sense of humor both before and after she passed in her frequent antics coming and going in our house.

Often I was awakened by one solitary Katie-bark between about 2 and 4 a.m. The first few times I heard it of course I jumped out of bed as a vigilant mother would do only to find Katie still soundly asleep. And then several times after she died, the same thing happened. The final night of her visits I heard a huge, loud “WOOF!” that I knew couldn’t be her (and could NOT have been a dog outside). Since I’d not gotten the message thus far, I believe she brought Olga (our former Great Dane) along so that I’d finally realize what she was trying to tell me! Yes, she definitely ‘stuck around’—until I finally got the message--that she loves me deeply and is finally very healthy & happy!

Months later as I was taking my large bag of clothes to the Mission I spotted the big bag of comforters that were Katie’s bedding. I'd just not been able to part with them yet. I grabbed it knowing it was time. I didn't put it all together until I got home and 'felt' Katie's pleasure in her bedding being used to help keep others warm that winter.

Yet again I must say our pets are SO wise if we will just listen!


Anonymous said...

what a heart touching story!!! how beautiful!!!

Judy said...

Thank you anonymous! Total LOVE...