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Friday, April 8, 2011

Yet another runner up in the Facebook PET PEOPLES’ FUNNIEST or MOST EMBARRASSING PET MOMENT

Susan wrote: "I had had Princess for only a few weeks when one night, after I put my birds to bed, I was looking for her to give her the nite-nite cookie my dogs get every night before bedtime. I call her over and over and searched the house. She was no ware to be found. I found my flashlight and went looking for her outside, still calling her name. No luck. I got in the car, rolled down the window and started driving my neighborhood calling her name. No luck. I went down the large street near my house and drove it to town, looking and calling all the way. No luck. I saw some activity down one of the side streets so I went down to see if maybe she had an accident, Police said no but took her description and my phone number just in case. I started to drive further back in my subdivision calling her name. Still no luck. By this time I was horse from calling her name, after all it was January so the night was cold. I decided to go home and get something to drink and use the bathroom. Sitting on the commode I asked my other dog Oliver "where could Princess be" and it was then I heard the light scratching on the bird room door. I opened the door and there was Princess, safe at home the whole time. I had checked the bird room before closing the door but she outsmarted me by hiding behind the door the whole time. I never thought to look in there as the dogs are not allowed in there and I thought she would answer when I called. Well it happened again yesterday. Same scenario, but this time I checked the bird room and there she was. Save me from loosing my voice again."

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