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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

$$ Deposit for today!

Good morning!!

Wealth may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it. Stephen Butler Leacock (1869 - 1944)

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

March 4, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $93,000 Ninety-three Thousand Dollars


Several days ago as I wrote before, I had the following idea which I think some of you might enjoy ‘playing’ with me--HAPPY AND HEALTHY (and we can also include3 WEALTHY!) .COM from observing others who sadly seemly define themselves by the degree of their dysfunction.

So they get to have a 'society' of their own. There seem to be many societies based on similar dis-eases from addictions to abuse. While these are very valuable sources of support, I thought perhaps it’s time for another society founded upon the Universal Laws for those of us who focus on our chronic happiness, health AND wealth. So now you can join me in the HAPPY AND HEALTHY/WEALTHY.COM "support group"!

See the interesting blog posts that I’ve come up with as well as one from your ‘group’.

I've truly been having a great time seeking the Good behind some of the everyday frustrations in my life—even when I just want to sometimes stay in my ‘grungies’! Seeing how these feelings get me nowhere however, helps me return to the more productive moment of Now.

So check out some of the new postings on my blog—including an inspirational realization from one of you!


“By supporting one another to

focus on the GIFTS in our lives

INCLUDING WEALTH my life is ALSO richer!!

Let’s SPEND our entire $93,000 KNOWING the pot is always FULL!

1 comment:

Gypsy said...

Thank you to the Angel of Abundance. My $93,000 will go toward helping with projects here in our community for our Youth, some who seem to be very much at risk.My thoughts are headed toward some ways Teens and other kids can become and SEEN as important participants here, not just trouble makers. The list grows with ideas, not we just have to begin manifesting.....