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Monday, March 10, 2008

Judy's Art Sharing for March!

Judy's Art of the Month Newsletter

March 2008 Vol. 4, Edition 35

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' Dave Barry

Although there is STILL much more to learn, I’m planning to feature this drawing on my website home page soon!! Be sure to check out the other ‘good stuff’ on my blog, too!!

Thanks once again for your continuing interest in my artistic gifts and passion for animals, travel and nature

(it’s a pleasure sharing photographs, drawings, egg carvings, urns and more)!


Although this drawing is on my website, I wanted to pay a special tribute to it this month… A single mother with several children, including this gorgeous pup, commissioned me to do this drawing when I lived in Las Vegas back in 1996. That was before I was asking my clients to deposit at least one half before I began the drawing. Within the couple of weeks it took me to complete this, her phone had been disconnected and I sadly never heard from her again. I do hope all is well with her, her family and this precious dog. Well, it has continued to be one of all time my favorite art pieces since, but I always felt he needed to go to a ‘real’ home.

Not too long ago a rather gruff appearing neighbor and I began a ‘dog conversation’ precipitated no doubt by my walking Black Jack past his house every day. He told me with tears welling up in his eyes that he had lost the “best dog he’d ever had”—a Rotweiller. Well something ‘nagged’ at me until I figured out that this is precisely where my drawing needed to be.

Finally I delivered it and he showed me a photo of his beloved dog (140 pounds!) watching over him after he had broken his leg. Needless to say more tears almost spilled since this looked to them just like their ‘boy’.

At last there is completion…

Please feel free to pass my blog and website info on to others like yourself who enjoy my creations.

As always, if you would like your Judith K. Nelson artwork spotlighted, please let me know and I will do a “special edition newsletter” just for you!

If you ever have any questions or might want to ‘brainstorm’, let me know.

Artist Extraordinaire

Judith K. Nelson, aka “Judy

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