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Monday, March 3, 2008


Frustration, yep, I have had a few days of it, too. A couple days of some very unacceptable behavior from teenagers in the neighborhood. Anger, disbelief and just down right being disgusted. Anger with teens, anger with parents, anger with the community I live in. Enough anger to turn in a written complaint and high hopes that some parties may be forced to leave this community. Then the 24 hours pass and the anger looses its fire and reality begins to set in. In retrospect, I actually do believe that my actions were warranted considering the circumstances. Yet, when I look at the problem and look at it with an open mind, I realize that something positive needs to be done. Pushing issues never seems to get anywhere, but finding the root of the problem...perhaps that offers something. So, it seems as though the Universe is throwing out some hints and tidbits for me to ponder.....
Are the teenagers the true problem.....or does it boil down to irresponsible parenting or maybe even parents who HAVE to work and cannot be home with these kids....probably a combination of all of the above.
While I have been living here, I have been really unhappy because I don't seem to be able to find a friend or friends. I have truly prayed to be living somewhere else, more compatible with my interests, etc. So, the thought comes to the forefront of my brain: "THE UNIVERSE HAS YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!" Duh, not exactly what I wanted to hear. But, given the fact that I am open minded, I began to think of what reasons I could possible be here. For some weird reason, King Arthurs Round Table popped into my mind...and then my thoughts turned to a community round table where not only adults were involved, but teenagers. Perhaps if we LISTENED to them, we could find out how to get along. Then my mind began thinking of constructive activities the young people could become involved in and how many adults could probably share some knowledge with these kids, help with school work, etc. So, perhaps, I will find my answers to friends in places I never dreamed.
P.S. Next day: My, oh my! What can transpire in a day! Guess who just got appointed to come up with things to help the kids in the park??? Yep, my husband and me. That's what happens when you put it out there to the Universe.

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