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Friday, March 7, 2008

HAPPY AND HEALTHY reality check!

Usually my extreme exuberance for being positive works, however there are simply moments we all encounter that seem insurmountable. Just this morning I was notified that security must be tightened in one of our loving and open-minded organizations due to one ‘bad seed’. Right now I’m feeling sorrow once again for the way of living that we human beings seem to have created for ourselves. So I went back to the reminder I ran into recently from the March issue of Science of Mind Magazine written by Linda McNamar—that there is yet another way to look at these trials. Paraphrased...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we knew there was going to be a reward after every test in our lives, something we could look forward to with certainty in the midst of our trials and tribulations? There is no guarantee that life will always turn up in ways that we like, but by practicing the universal principles, we find ways to heal, to renew and to begin again.

Some people suggest that we focus on looking for the good in every situation, yet some events may be so painful that we don't even want to know if there is something good in them. So, instead of asking ourselves "What is good about this?" we might ask, "What truth is here for me to know in this situation?" or "How can I deepen my conscious connection with Spirit right here and right now?"

The advantage of adversity is that it gives us an opportunity to experience the absolute unity of Spirit as everything. This truth is, we are always one with God; as we build a consciousness of our oneness it will permeate our viewpoint of everything. IN this oneness with Spirit we have the choice to be defeated by our circumstances, or to come out the other side of adversity with greater wisdom, serenity and goodwill.

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