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Sunday, February 7, 2010

More days with Mom!

2/1/10 Sometimes I wander away from my food bowl and get my head stuck in the pillows surrounding my kitchen area. Mom always helps me find my way back so I can finish my food. Lately I've not been getting the hang of 'containing myself' during the day like I can overnight--not sure what's up with that. Initially Mom is peeved, but then remembers that I would never, never do anything to displease her and ends up giving me her loves.

Found yet another sleeping position. For whatever reason I didn’t want to stay in my cozy bed, so chose to wander into the pillows where Mom put the blanket over me. My bottom side was a bit cool, but this was comfortable for a pretty long while.

2/6/20 I actually got a walk during this time, but since I don't have the energy or eyesight to go very far, very long, very straight anymore, they get shorter and shorter. Was thinking that when I see Katie again I'll have to tell her she ought to have stuck around a while longer. Although Mom did her best with Katie's irrationality to make her as happy and comfortable as possible, this individualized 'royal treatment' in my last years has been "to die for". Besides the best canned food on the market, blended for easy consumption, just check out the latest addition to my comforts--an even softer, cozier place to take my daytime naps. Mom loves me so much (as she did Katie, too).

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