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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Kat speaking to BJ:
***"Judy has this message for you: “My beloved Black Jack, please know how precious you are to me and how very much you are a part of me, in my heart forever! I know without any doubt that you have always tried to please me even now when your body doesn’t respond; I recognize and appreciate that more than you know.”
***Kat, please tell Judy I feel the same way about her! I am very, very pleased and grateful that we are friends, that we are good, close, exceptional friends, and that we have mutual respect for one another. I know not all animals are treated with the respect such as I am, and I am [very blessed] to have this human, to have Judy, to be my friend and companion and partner of the heart. She is a very loving, big hearted human, and I am very happy to be here with her!
***I will tell her. She says, “Thank you for choosing to be my loving companion and allowing me to learn from you. My life would not be as rich without having had you in it. My desire now is that you be as comfortable and happy as possible in your final days. Most importantly I want to be sure you know that I want you to move on and be free of your feeble body as soon as you are ready—I will be okay since we’ve had so much respectful loving, learning and growing time together, just the two of us. I’ll be very sad, but I will also feel a blessed freedom for both of us. Your loving human, Judy.”
***I have learned from Judy too! I have learned to be patient, I have learned to have more trust in my Self and in humans, I have learned that it’s okay to not be the strong one all the time, it’s okay to be Me. To be ME! [he “smiles” – he appreciates that you accept and respect him for Who He Is, as much as for how he is]

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