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Monday, February 22, 2010


Here is the first part in which I speak of APPRECIATION AND CONTENTMENT:
“Good morning, Black Jack. This is Kat the Animal Communicator, talking with you at Judy’s request today.
Judy sends you her Love and great appreciation for Who You Are, and for the many years of wonderful companionship you have brought to her life. You are a Love, Black Jack, and she loves you very much. She has a message and some questions for you, but first, how are you doing today?
**Kat, I’m doing . . . well, pretty okay for Who I Am. [meaning, he’s slowed down, he’s stiff and he doesn’t move as well as he used to, but he’s okay with this. He is enjoying the slowness of the days, the slowness of time passing, and the quietness of his world with you. He conveys to me that he takes quiet pleasure/comfort in the stillness of his world, and great comfort in knowing he can trust you in all things, whether that is his care, or his activities, or anticipating his needs. He is a very very sweet dog/soul, one who has a deep sense of appreciation for the world he lives in, for you, and for Who He Is. He also greatly appreciates his body continuing to “hold him” and he is enjoying his twilight time with you.]
**That’s good to hear, Black Jack. Very good to hear. It feels like you’re doing okay in your quiet world?
**Yes, it is okay to be like this [i.e., he does not hear very well at all, as you noted; he does convey to me, though, that he “senses” sound at times, and he uses his other senses to compensate for the loss of hearing. He conveys, for example, how he feels the wind ruffle his coat and he remembers the sound of wind, so he still enjoys his hearing sense, just on a psychic level, if you will.]
**Okay, thank you. “

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