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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PART 7 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK ON JUDY

Black Jack** Judy’s heart is very big, and very full of Love, for me and for others. Ask her to deepen and strengthen the Love she has for her Self. She has greatly improved that over our time together, but it is important that she allow even more Love and appreciation into her life from others and for her Self. [Black Jack conveys to me that he feels you have greatly advanced over the years in being kinder and gentler with your Self, Judy, and he wants you to continue to expand that and open to it. Not only what you can do for you in that regard, but also opening even further to what others offer you in the way of Love, friendship, appreciation, support, etc.]
Kat* I will convey that to Judy, Black Jack. What else do you want Judy to know?
** That her talents, her gifts, are not just in what she conveys with her hands [he shows me the meticulous work that you do, he is very aware of what you do for others and how much pleasure it gives you to do that], but also what she conveys from her heart. Ask her to let others know what she receives about them and from their animal friends through the Love-work that she does. This is important, humans want to know that others understand the beauty and richness and uniqueness of those they Love. It reflects back to the human that what they feel for their Loves is shared and enjoyed by another, such as Judy, with her talent and ability to engage with others of all kinds [animal and human].
*So for example, you are saying you want her to convey with words [in writing] about what she experiences when she does a piece of work for someone? And also if she does that work for her Self?
** Yes, exactly! That is it. I want her to put her feelings and experiences with her work into words for others to enjoy and appreciate. This allows her to not only have the pleasure of those feelings and experiences, but she also conveys to others the richness and beauty of who a particular [soul, being, spirit] is. This would mean a great deal to those receiving the information. And it would also be helpful if she were to include that information for others to know about as well. [note: he is aware you “talk with many” – i.e. through your newsletter/mailings and website – and is conveying the idea that you (with the human’s permission) share your insights and experience of doing a particular piece of work in a shortened version when you include that piece of work in your newsletter. Perhaps this could also be included on your website, with their permission of course.]

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