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Thursday, April 29, 2010

PART 8 of Intuitive reading--BLACK JACK-MORE ON JUDY

*Okay, that’s a great idea, Black Jack. I’ll let her know. What other things do you want Judy to know?

** That she should not stop doing what she Loves to do, no matter what. To always keep expressing her creativity, her energy, her Love for all things, through her work. Because her Work is really Who She Is. She is a bright Light, Kat, and she needs to know that. She is a Light for many many many humans, and she should please keep doing what brings her the pleasure in her heart and mind and soul for the beauty that she shares with the world. It is not enough to simply do it, it is important to keep sharing it with others, because it [evokes] many things in many humans, seeing a beautiful expression of Love the way Judy does her Work.

** And remind her, that as a big bright Light, she is “bigger” than the day-to-day worries of being human. Ask her to always stand in her [soul]-Light, to always come from that place in her Self in all she does, whether that is how she takes care of her Self, or how she shares her Self with others, or how she helps others, or how she engages with the world. Always from the [soul]-Light. She is a very bright Light, Kat, and I do not want her to make her Self small, in any way, ever. She has worked very hard to come to the place of expression of Who She Is, in a big way, and I want to ask her not to let go of that, for any reason, for any person or way of thinking or way of being or place of living.

** Let other Lights come to her, and engage with her, as much as she seeks out the Lights to engage with. There are many on Earth who are doing this, Kat, and she is in good company. Tell her not to worry, there are more coming her way, there will be many more grand adventures to engage in and to enjoy most fully! [Black Jack “smiles” – he has great great Love and appreciation for Who You Are, what you do, how you express your talents, how you share your Love of others with others, and he is very proud of you being Who You Are now, that you do not hide and make yourself small. He wants you to continue to expand that Light, to keep expressing your Self through your Work and to also do Work for your own pleasure, not just for others.]

*I’ll let her know, thank you.

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