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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


*Judy says, “As I've been observing his behaviors another question comes to mind out of curiosity... When he wanders and/or goes in circles, what does he need from me? I could speculate, but would rather know if there is something he is trying to communicate to me when he does this.” *Please tell me what is happening for you or with you or in you when you wander or go in circles, Black Jack. **I am sometimes not so sure where I am, or what I am supposed to be doing, Kat. Sometimes my mind seems to be . . . . [fuzzy, unfocused] . . . and I do not know what to do. Sometimes I am just a bit at a loss for something to do. And sometimes, well, I need something to do that is fun and interesting. [note: he then conveys that sometimes he is trying to get your attention to focus on him so that you will take a break from whatever you are doing, that you need the break at those times. So notice when he does this, as to what you are doing at the time and for how long you’ve been doing it.] *Do you do then when you need to go outside to go to the bathroom? **Yes, sometimes. But mostly she knows when I need to go out, that’s not a problem for us. *Okay. Is there anything else Judy can do to help you at those times? **Engage with me at those times, stop what she is doing and focus on me, on us, and what we can do that is fun or interesting or even just spending time together enjoying the touch of hand to body, or head to hand, or whatever. I would like her to be “in the moment” with me at those times, not thinking about whatever she was doing, or still needs to do, but just stopping and being in the moment, really enjoying the time, the minute, the second, the breath we each take over and over again, the feeling of simplicity that our lives are about, the feeling of deep Love and companionship that we share. **I know Judy cannot do all the things with me that we used to do, because I am rather slow now in my body. But I still love to be touched and held (as is comfortable) and I love to be [caressed] gently and loving, as she is so good at doing. I really enjoy those quiet moments together, I am happy with the simple things, Kat. I don’t need a lot to be happy. I really [cherish] our simple time together, and how Loving we are with one another.

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