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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another HAPPY & HEALTHY thought!

Why is it that the smallest act of kindness is sometimes regarded as such a 'big deal'? I did a small good deed the other day, taking that trash and recycling out for all three of my neighbors--1. the gal whose trash service I share and therefore do this for every week, 2. my neighbor who is gone for the week (who already raved about my kindness for also retreiving her mail), 3. the brother of my neighbor who just died so he didn't have to make a special trip out here--after the estate sale. When I called to be sure this was the plan, my neighbor's brother was so amazed I'd do that for him he couldn't grasp that it was already done.
Are we so caught up in our hectic lifestyles that we can't take a few seconds to offer a smile or wave, pick up a piece of litter from the street or offer a helping hand?
Have we forgotten that we are all One not only with one another but the entire planet?
On the flip side of this, do we accept (or even ask for) kindnesses graciously, thanking the giver for his efforts?
How much richer life will be when we get back to these basic principles and teach our young people how good it feels to care about/for one another!

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