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Monday, April 7, 2008

$$ Deposit for today!


Life is so constructed that happenings you never expected to happen are actually things that were supposed to happen.” Marcus Bach The World of Serendiptiy

From: The Universal Bank of Infinite Abundance (UBIA)

Officially approved by the CEO of the Universe

Administrator: Angel of Abundance

April 7, 2008

Deposit into YOUR account: $98,000 Ninety-eight Thousand Dollars

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Here’s a story that hit home recently for me which can certainly be applied to financial circumstances as well as the rest of life. Although I’m told it isn’t new, even if you’ve heard it perhaps there will be something new to discover. It’s a fable told by Bill Gibson in his speeches and seminars. A very wise hotel worker in South Africa shared it with him twelve years ago. He uses it to demonstrate the power of optimism. It goes something like this…


Once upon a time there was a King who had a very wise and good friend. This friend always gave the King good advice. Every time something negative happened the friend would say, “This is good, and in due time you’ll understand why it was good.”

One day the King decided he wanted to go into the bush to do some hunting. So he asked his friend if he knew of a good hunting guide. His friend said he had worked as a guide for several years so would be happy to take the King hunting.

After about an hour in the bush, the good friend spotted some buck (antelope). He pointed them out to the King who aimed his rifle, pulled the trigger but the gun back-fired, blowing the Kings’ thumb off.

The King was on the ground screaming with pain. His good friend looked at him with a smile on his face and said to the King, “That is good. You’ve gotten your thumb blown off and in due time you’ll know why it was good.”

Needless to say, the King lost it, was furious with his good friend for being so inconsiderate. When they got back to the Kingdom, the King took his friend directly to a jail cell, locked him up and said to him, “Any person who would say such an inconsiderate thing to a friend with his thumb blown off is insane. You are a danger to me, a danger to yourself and a danger to the public, so I’m putting you in jail for the rest of your life. And that is good for you, for me and for the public.” And he left him.

A couple of years later, the King’s hand had healed. He decided to go hunting again but remembering his previous bad experience decided not to get a hunting guide. So he went hunting on his own and sure enough got lost. Not only did he get lost in the bush but he got captured by cannibals. They took him to their village, built a fire, tied him to the stake and just as they were ready to torch him, the Chief of the village dropped by. The Chief discovered that the King had a missing thumb which ironically it was a “bad omen” for this tribe to eat someone with a missing limb. The Chief said to his people, “Cut the ropes and chase him away from our village because he is bad luck.”

Eventually the King found his way back to his Kingdom. He was ecstatic about being alive and went straight to the jail to unlock the cell and let his friend out. He explained how losing his thumb saved his life. He now realized his good friend had been right…losing his thumb had been a very good thing. He said he was very sorry for putting his good friend in jail for two years, indicating he’d like to repay him. He offered to give him anything he wished.

His good friend said, “I don’t want anything from you because it was good that I was in jail.”

The king said, "Why do you say that?"

The good friend replied, "If I hadn't been in jail, I would've been with you. So I'd be dead now, eaten by cannibals because I have TWO thumbs."


There is a reason for everything!

”There is a Higher Intelligence at work in my life and affairs!

Life is GOOD!!!”

Today let’s spend our $98,000 expecting All Good!

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