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Monday, April 7, 2008

Personal reminder experience!

It had been a discouraging week for me so I ‘planned’ to make it a fun and relaxing week end. Here’s how that went…

On Sunday, April 6, 2008 I pulled into the Walgreen Drug Store parking lot beside a huge silver ‘monster’ pick-up truck. Before I could exit my car he pulled out, cutting too short, consequently ‘walking over' my front fender. He didn’t even slow down, much less stop to take responsibility.

Later I had to return and this time my car inexplicably began rolling. At least two Good Samaritans pushed against the car to stop it while another ran into the store to find me. Yet another was ready to assist and there may have been more.

There are no spoken or written words that can express my gratitude to you all for not only saving my car but the pain and suffering that would have resulted had it back ended the cars in front of it. Hopefully my promise to pay your kindness forward will suffice.

I am proud to live in a community where there are more caring residents than those like the person driving the truck.

This is the editorial I sent to most of the major newspapers in my area. My state of depression deepened after this happened. So in my attempt to recover I remembered that focusing on what’s “right” is the way to go. In hind sight I was able to see that:

  1. I am always looked over and taken care of even if it looks like these caring people,
  2. that I have a great car since it wasn’t demolished--only a tiny black mark resulted,
  3. that I didn’t have to deal with an insurance company including higher rates;
  4. how BLESSED I am!

Lessons learned:

  1. Never assume I’m safe within my parking ‘stripe’,
  2. never park anywhere near another big ‘monster truck’—in fact avoid parking lots entirely if at all possible,
  3. trust that loving, protective Higher Power and
  4. know that no matter how discouraging things might get there is always a way to be Who we are meant to be, in service - - "There is no such thing as just existing. Everything is in service to everything else. Existence is giving and receiving. A stone gives and receives no less than a saint." Jacob Needleman
  5. There is always good that comes out of seeming disasters--I'm now posting on the website of the largest newspaper in my state!

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